‘Yellowstone’ Stars Wes Bentley, Cole Hauser Praising Leadership of Show Perfectly Sums Up Why It’s So Great

by Joe Rutland

Looking for strong leadership isn’t hard for “Yellowstone” actors Wes Bentley and Cole Hauser. They just look at Taylor Sheridan.

Sheridan, who is the creator and executive producer of the Paramount Network hit drama, manages to bring a lot of the pieces together.

Whether it’s chatting with lead actor Kevin Costner (John Dutton) or hammering out some script updates, he’s going to be involved. Yet these actors are truly happy to have his style of running the show around on “Yellowstone.”

‘Yellowstone’ Actors Offered High Praise About Their Show’s Leader

Bentley, who plays Jamie Dutton, finds a sweet balance within his show’s creator.

“This is one of those things, once in a lifetime, where you’ve got a leader, creator who is so in tune with what they’re trying to express,” Bentley said. “And we’ve got that in this show in Taylor.”

Hauser, who plays Rip Wheeler, had some solid words to share about the show’s cast and characters.

“He does a great job tethering, being able to do full-circle of not only the characters but what they’re going through,” Hauser said. “And the journey that they’re on.”

These two actors are part of “Yellowstone” and help make the entire series powerful.

Sheridan Has Stayed Involved Throughout Show’s Process

Of course, Sheridan has a big say in every piece of each episode. The creative leader spreads the wealth and love around in his world.

Speaking of the love, check out this trailer for Season 4 of “Yellowstone.” It’s a few minutes long so make sure and give yourself some space and time.

This new season kicks off on Sunday, Nov. 7. “Yellowstone” will provide viewers with a two-hour, Season 4, first-night episode.

Many questions remain unanswered right now. The Dutton family was definitely under duress and facing multiple stress points. It will be an opener where fans can pull up a chair and, hopefully, learn who was behind all of the shooting and explosions.

What the show’s fans also might want to know is if the Yellowstone Ranch and Broken Rock Reservation are going to work together.

On “Yellowstone,” time may have come to do so.

Many people have been observing since the pilot episode, “Daybreak”, a child of both worlds, Tate Dutton, grow up. Tate represents a real possible future for the Dutton empire. He is a child, though, and it remains a fairy tale regarding his future.

The explosive end in Season 3’s finale may make this age-old rivalry moot.

Time to leave it in the past. Patriarchs Thomas and John remain firmly in the past.

Can a change come about to change their minds? This will be one question, among many, to watch and see if there’s an answer this season.