‘Yellowstone’s Wes Bentley Says You Can’t Trust Any Dutton, Let Alone Jamie, in Season 5

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Roy Rochlin/WireImage)

If Jamie Dutton’s proven anything over four seasons of Yellowstone, it’s that you can’t always trust him to do the right thing. Now though, ahead of the season five premiere—which finally airs on Sunday, November 13th—Jamie’s actor Wes Bentley emphasized that we won’t be able to trust any of the Duttons this season, but especially not Jamie.

“I don’t think you can trust Jamie,” Wes Bentley said good-naturedly during Yellowstone‘s brand-new extended preview. “Bottom line is if the last name is Dutton, you probably can’t trust him.”

Jamie’s been known to serve himself in the past. But Bentley further revealed that, going into season five, his morally challenged character is full of rage. He teased fans that any blowback or revenge infused by events that took place last season will be intense.

“It’s not gonna be pretty,” he said.

Yellowstone star Kevin Costner, known for his role as John Dutton, also teased Jamie’s lack of trustworthiness this year.

“Can John trust Jamie?” the Yellowstone star asked rhetorically. “No.”

Still, despite all of Jamie’s poor qualities, he does have a reason to be vengeful and, therefore, untrustworthy.

“He’s empty, alone, angry, resentful, guilty, and sad,” Bentley said. A lot of that emotion has to do with his father’s murder and his part in it in the end. Emotions like anger and resentment have more than been inspired by his conniving sister Beth (Kelly Reilly).

Wes Bentley Claims John Dutton’s His ‘Own Worst Enemy’ in Yellowstone Season 5

We’re anxious to see what Jamie’s complicated tangle of emotions leads him to do next, but we’re even more excited to see how John adapts to the governorship. As Kelly Reilly states in the clip above, her father never wanted to be a politician; he only ever wanted to be a rancher. However, as Kevin Costner points out, John “has proven time and again there’s nothing he won’t do to save the ranch.” And that, apparently, includes putting himself in a formerly contested position within politics.

“He’s more than ready to make a decision that doesn’t land popularly,” he added.

However, Wes Bentley argues that with John’s vision is so clouded by his need to protect the ranch, he’s ultimately become his own worst enemy. Bentley explained how during a previous interview.

“John’s trying to blow it all up,” Bentley said of his onscreen father. “That becomes a clash of state versus corporate power.”

He further explained, “Jamie tries to convince [John and Beth] they could use, rather than break or bend, the law to do the things they want to do. But they’re a blunt object.”

Still, the Yellowstone star wasn’t quick to dismiss his own character’s flaws. Speaking about the murder of his biological father last season, the actor continued, “For a minute, [fans] thought maybe Jamie was a good guy. And then he goes and does that.”

(Photo by Roy Rochlin/WireImage)