‘Yellowstone’ Star Wes Bentley Teases Jamie Dutton’s Next Move: ‘Angry and Lost’

by Thad Mitchell

The hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” is full of deep and layered characters that drive the show forward.

One of the most complex characters “Yellowstone” has to offer is Jamie Dutton. Jamie has been through a lot in the first three seasons and that isn’t likely to slow down in the upcoming fourth season.

Wes Bentley, the actor behind Jamie Dutton, says his character’s actions will set the tone for the fourth season. The veteran actor says Jamie is in a vulnerable state and is “angry and lost” as the season begins.

“Before he was rejected, but he was a Dutton,” Bentley says in a recent preview. “Now, he is not a Dutton. A non-Dutton who knows that much is in danger. He’s also angry and lost. He doesn’t have a foundation. He doesn’t have love and doesn’t have a home and might act out. He’s a powerful man with lots of tools at his disposal, with a (biological) dad who’s a little shady.”

Jamie is the adopted son of “Yellowstone” owner John Dutton and is highly intelligent and politically ambitious. These characteristics often put him at odds with his adoptive father, who aggressively tries to control Jamie. The relationship between John and Jamie Dutton has hit numerous sour notes in the first three seasons, but the biggest may have been last season. Searching for his birth certificate so that he can be sworn into office, Jamie learns that he was adopted by the Dutton family as an infant. This discovery fractures the relationship between John and Jamie even more. He seeks out and finds his biological father, Garrett Randall, who seemingly suggests to his son that he kill John Dutton. We don’t know where Jamie’s head is at entering a new season, but his next action could define season four of “Yellowstone”

‘Yellowstone’ Should Hold to Their (Cowboy) Hats For First Episode

Numerous “Yellowstone” cast members have said season four will start off with a bang and fans should prepare themselves. Wes Bentley is no different and describes the first episode of the new season as a “fireball.”

“The first episode is a fireball,” the “Hunger Games” actor says. “It’s wild. It’s crazy and intense.”

The last we see of Jamie Dutton in season three, he is telling Rip Wheeler not to contact him anymore. Many fans took that as a sign that Jamie is the mastermind behind the season finale attacks. He very well could be but it is far from a done deal. From the recently released teaser trailers, it appears Jamie will be visiting his biological father early in the season. Could the father and son be in cahoots to take out the Dutton family? No one would be surprised.

“Yellowstone” premieres its first two episodes tomorrow (Sunday) night.