‘Yellowstone’: Wes Bentley Updates Jamie Dutton’s Season 4 Situation in Show’s Newest Video

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone has dropped a gripping look inside Season 4, and Jamie Dutton actor Wes Bentley has a lot to say about how things go down.

“Where we pick up is right where we left off,” Bentley begins. “The action of the scene is real-time,” he says. “My heart was pumping just reading it, so I think it’s going to be pretty spectacular to see.”

As the actor points out, his fictional Dutton family has “amassed quite a list of enemies.”

Does Bentley count his adopted son among those enemies? For Yellowstone‘s tantalizing inside look at Season 4, Jamie Dutton himself clues fans in on what to expect when cable’s #1 drama returns to the screen.

“It could be anyone from Broken Rock,” Bentley begins of Season 4’s adversaries. “It could be big money players trying to bring the ski resort,” he continues as a scene featuring Josh Holloway’s Roarke Morris follows Gil Birmingham as Thomas Rainwater.

“And it could be small time criminals looking for retribution,” Bentley adds amidst a montage of scenes featuring a few more less-familiar faces that pose just as much of a threat (California, anyone?).

“Or,” the Jamie Dutton actor pauses, “It could be someone right in their own living room.”

‘Yellowstone’s Wes Bentley: ‘It Feels Like a Lot of Battle Lines are Being Drawn’

After Season 3’s riveting finale, Bentley says “It feels like a lot of battle lines are being drawn. It really feels like the stakes are at their highest now,” he emphasizes.

So what can fans expect from Jamie in Yellowstone Season 4? “We’ve got a lot of reunions… Not always good reunions,” he laughs.

But it’s not all fun and games for the audience, who’s been waiting on pins and needles to see where Jamie’s relationship with his biological father, Garrett Randall, will take him.

“Now that Jamie knows he’s not really a Dutton, that gives him more of a reason to want to explore ‘who is this dad figure?'”

Yellowstone fans are wondering the same. We still know precious little of Randall, played by the returning Will Patton.

For Jamie’s part, however, Bentley says his character is acutely aware “of the criminal aspects” of his father. But in true Jamie fashion, this is not wrapped in the context of a threat. Instead, Bentley cites there is “potential” that Jamie sees there. And the Season 4 trailer gave us a good idea of what to expect from Randall’s “potential.”

Will Jamie Betray the Duttons?

In the end, the ultimate question remains: Will Jamie betray his Dutton family? If we look closely at the footage Yellowstone offers above, we get a sense that they’re hiding a lot of what’s to come with Jamie and Randall.

Wes Bentley‘s tone and expression won’t offer much hope for Jamie sympathizers, either. He looks like a man who’s just been ordered to murder his entire family.

Whether that comes to light or not, we’ll find out so much more on November 7 for Yellowstone Season 4’s two-episode premiere.