‘Yellowstone’: Western Icon Buck Taylor Shares Special Message From Dutton Ranch on 9/11

by Joe Rutland

Yellowstone actor Buck Taylor took time out on Sunday to share a special message from the Dutton Ranch on 9/11. His words are quite moving and did impress the fans. Taylor is holding an American flag in his right hand. He looks squarely into the camera and shares his thoughts on this somber day.

“I’m Buck Taylor. Today is 9/11. Never forget 9/11,” he said. “There’s only two things that protect this country. And that’s our belief in the grace of God and the United States military. God bless our fighting men and women. And God bless the first responders, the police department, the firefighters. And God bless this country.”

Buck Taylor of ‘Yellowstone’ Received Messages From Fans

Fans were sharing their thoughts after seeing Taylor’s message on Sunday. One wrote, “Absolutely beautiful and amen”. Another fan posted raised hands and hear emojis in the comments area. Yep, it would be none other than Kelly Reilly, who plays Beth Dutton on the show.

Meanwhile, how in the world did Taylor add Yellowstone to his already superb Western legacy? As some of you may know, Taylor has a connection to the classic TV show Gunsmoke where he played Newly. Yet popping up on Yellowstone is definitely something to behold. And Taylor would come on in the show’s third season. He recently had been appearing in an episode titled “The World is Purple.” Taylor appears on the show as Emmett Walsh, who is a ranch hand on the Dutton Ranch. So, Taylor happened to even appear in this show’s first season in an episode titled “The Monster is Among Us.”

Actor Has A Love Of Painting In His Life

Did you also know that Taylor loves to paint? It’s something that the actor has done as a hobby. But he also has his paintings purchased at different times. “I’ve been so blessed to have success painting,” Taylor did say in a 2011 interview with True West Magazine. “I do a lot of posters. Poster art is something that’s collected all over the world, and it’s not an expensive piece of artwork.”

Keep your eyes out for Taylor making an appearance in the upcoming new season. We will have some excitement happening on the show. You always know that John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner, is up to something. He will have his hands full this coming season with a lot on his mind. Of course, we also will be watching what takes place between Rip Wheeler, played by Cole Hauser, and his wife, Beth. We did see them get married at the end of last season. Now, we all get to see how matrimony works in their household.