‘Yellowstone’: What Is John Dutton Actor Kevin Costner’s Net Worth?

by Suzanne Halliburton

Just wow. Kevin Costner, thanks to Yellowstone and a host of other iconic movies, is a wealthy man. In fact, the beloved actor is one of the richest in Hollywood.

But how much is Costner worth?

First, let’s talk Yellowstone, a series that wrapped up its fourth season this past Sunday. We know, Yellowstone fans. You didn’t get enough of John Dutton and his deviously dysfunctional family. The series should be longer than two months.

Paramount Network used Yellowstone as a rebrand when it changed its name from Spike. So the network was willing to pay big bucks to make the neo-western. They brought on Costner for a whopping $500,000 an episode.

“The statement we wanted to make was that we’re open for business,” former Paramount Network Chief Kevin Kay told the Hollywood Reporter in 2017. “And we’re willing to pay top-tier actors whatever their quotes are. It sends a message and that’s what we want to do.”

(Photo Courtesy Paramount Press Center)

Now, for some context. While Yellowstone paid huge salaries, the contracts weren’t that extreme in contrast to other shows. Academy Award-winning actresses Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon each earned $1 million an episode for HBO’s Big Little Lies. The casts of Friends and The Big Bang Theory all earned $1 million per episode. Witherspoon and Kerry Washington pulled in $1 million for each episode for Little Fires Everywhere. Meanwhile, the cast of And Just Like That also received the magical $1 million salary for the Sex and the City reboot.

Need some more TV numbers? Charlie Sheen, with Two and a Half Men, was the salary king at $1.8 million. Ray Romano banked $1.7 million for Everybody Loves Raymond and Kelsey Grammer got $1.6 million for each half-hour of Frasier. So Yellowstone secured Costner for a bargain at $500,000.

Costner made most of his money through movies. His first big one came in 1987 with the Untouchables. He portrayed Eliot Ness, the real-life lawman who tried to bring down mob boss on Al Capone.

The movie kicked off a golden age for Costner, as he turned to baseball for some of his hits. In 1988, he played a sexy minor league catcher in Bull Durham. Then the following year, he played Ray Kinsella and turned baseball into a heartwarming sci-fi story with In Field of Dreams.

Maybe his career zenith came in 1990, when he starred in and directed Dances with Wolves. It certainly was a precursor for what he could do in Yellowstone. Costner won an Academy Award for Best Director. Dances with Wolves won seven Oscars, including for Best Movie.

So how much is this Yellowstone patriarch worth? Celebrity Networth estimates the 66-year-old is worth $250 million. His bank account places Costner up there with stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, Bruce Willis, and Denzel Washington.