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‘Yellowstone’: What Rank Did Kayce Dutton Hold in the Navy?

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Fans of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” want to know what rank Kayce Dutton held during his time in the Navy. Kayce’s military service is the topic of conversation in a recent Reddit thread as fans try to solve the puzzle.

“Yellowstone” finally gave us a glimpse into Kayce Dutton’s past with the fourth season finale. Desperate for answers, Kayce turns to Broken Rock Tribe leaders Thomas Rainwater and Mo Brings Plenty for help. They send him on a vision quest, taking him deep into the Montana wilderness. He is to have no food or water for four days in an effort to obtain a vision. The quest works as Kayce sees a couple of visions, including his dead brother, Lee Dutton. He also has a flashback to his time in the Navy where he sees several of his men die while trying to stave off the enemy. It is a horrific scene and likely the source of Kayce’s PTSD symptoms. The vision does not, however, reveal Kayce’s Navy rank and so “Yellowstone” fans took to Reddit to try and find answers.

“Any idea what rank Kayce Dutton held in the Navy?” a Redditor asks. “I’m just assuming he was an officer. He commanded multiple missions. He is right around 30 at the start of the series, and was less than a year out. Probably a Lt Commander by that time?”

While no one knows for sure what Kayce Dutton ranks in the Navy, the thread is full of interesting banter.

“Most officers go in the service with a college degree,” a commenter says. “I don’t think the timeline would support him going to college, then joining the Navy.”

“Do enlisted men lead missions?” another asks. “I assumed you had to have an officer, especially for special operations.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Have Seen Kayce Dutton Use Military Training

While we may or may not learn just what Kayce Dutton’s Navy rank was, we know that he was well-trained. We’ve seen him use his military experience a few times on “Yellowstone” for a few different reasons.

One of the most memorable examples of this came in the second season finale. Kayce led an attack against the Beck Brothers and their armed militia. With the former Navy Seal leading the way, his crew made quick work out of the Becks and the militia to recover his son, Tate. They find and rescue Tate, bringing him back to “Yellowstone” Ranch.

Another excellent example of Kayce Dutton using his military experience came in the season four premiere episode. He is able to navigate his way through a brutal attack on his office, fending off multiple gunmen. He then gives chase to the perpetrators, tracks them down, and kills them.

Will we see the Navy Seal in Kayce Dutton come out in “Yellowstone” season five? Will we learn more about his war experiences and his military rank?

“Yellowstone” fans would love for the answer to both of these questions is “yes.”