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‘Yellowstone’: What That Shocking Death Means for John Dutton’s Future

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Paramount Press Center)

With a shocking death happening on Yellowstone on Sunday night, there is a question: What does it mean for the future of John Dutton?

We will take a look at this with some help from CinemaBlend.

OK, so John, played by Kevin Costner, and Rip Wheeler, played by Cole Hauser, realized the cafe they were meeting Hugh Dillon’s sheriff in was being robbed. They got their guns and used them to stop it.

There could have been a chance for the thieves to not cause harm. John and Rip were not taking chances like those on Yellowstone. Yes, the thieves were stopped but it didn’t work out well.

Sheriff Donnie Haskell gets killed in the shooting. While Dutton and Haskell didn’t always see eye to eye, both men wanted the gest for that area. His death turned more depressing when John called Haskell’s daughter with the sheriff dying a few seconds into the conversation. 

‘Yellowstone’ Star’s Actions Just Didn’t Get Done With Political Future In Thoughts

His actions didn’t have a lot of foresight when it came to John’s future run for the governor’s office.

So, let’s say John comes out looking like a hero. People could examine the situation and possibly see John’s aggressive response as the cause of a deadly shootout. 

This could bring others to look beyond his on-the-surface life.

Rip also has issues as he’s said that he doesn’t even have any official identification on record. This keeps him and Beth, played by Kelly Reilly, from having a wedding recognized by courts on Yellowstone. His identity matter might get addressed about his involvement in the shootout.

Why did John go to meet Haskell? To try and get an agreement on a shorter jail sentence for Riggins.

This Major Character’s Death Is Going To Definitely Be Obstacle For John

The sheriff’s death is an obstacle for John to overcome. Donnie might get replaced by someone who abhors what the Dutton family stands for at all.

This Yellowstone episode also featured Garrett and Jamie Dutton, played by Wes Bentley, discussing talking to John about what limits exist in terms of airing out each other’s dirty laundry. Jamie has had hands dirtied up time and again over the years.

But the cafe robbery is a situation that Jamie had nothing to do with, and could thus be spun against his father in some fairly damning ways, with the possibility of also bringing other skeletons out of John’s jam-packed closet in the process.

The last episodes of this season will definitely be worth watching on the Paramount Network. Just watch and see how John Dutton handles his business en route to a run for governor. It’s not going to be for the faint of heart, too.