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‘Yellowstone’: Here’s What the Show’s Most Popular Locations Look Like in Real Life

by Shelby Scott
Luke Grimes, Kevin Costner, and Cole Hauser on 'Yellowstone'
Photo Courtesy Paramount Network

Yellowstone‘s cast members have revealed in past interviews that, compared to many scripted series, much of the Montana-centric drama really is shot right in Big Sky Country. And the iconic Dutton Ranch that fans have come to know and love is centered right in the middle. Overall, many of the sets featured in Yellowstone are legitimate locations within the state. However, a number of the show’s sets are actually set hours apart from each other, rather than minutes. Here, we’ll take a look at what some of Yellowstone‘s sets look like in reality versus on the show.

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What Our Favorite Sets Actually Look Like:

Although much of Yellowstone is shot in and around the Dutton Ranch, which Insider reports is actually called the Chief Joseph Ranch, the series also takes us into the fictional Broken Rock Reservation. We also get to visit the state’s capitol building located in Helena, as well as other settings. Surprisingly, all of these locations—within just minutes of each other within the context of Yellowstone—are actually hours apart.

Per the news outlet, MT’s capitol building is just as luxurious, colorful, and decorative in real life as in Yellowstone. Photos show the bright red walls and colorful stain-glass windows look exactly the same in Yellowstone and in “reality” photos. It’s located several hours away from the Dutton ranch.

Another popular filming location for Yellowstone‘s cast is the Broken Rock Native American Reservation. In reality, this set is actually located at MT’s Crow Reservation. Kayce and Monica Dutton spend much of the early half of the series living at Broken Rock. While living there, they’re occasionally visited by the former’s father, John. Within the context of the show, it feels like a quick trip between the reservation and the ranch. However, if John really did want to travel from Yellowstone to Broken Rock, he’d spend 6 hours and 43 minutes in the car getting there.

Additionally, while there’s often confusion within the show in regard to the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch versus Yellowstone National Park, the iconic property actually lies hours away from any of the national park‘s entrances.

Everything You Need to Know About the ‘Yellowstone’ Train Station

It’s in no way one of Yellowstone‘s most glamorous or noteworthy locations, but it’s definitely popular. In fact, we’ve visited this location in multiple seasons of the Taylor Sheridan-produced show before. As such, it’s interesting that the “train station” isn’t nearly as foreboding in real life as within Sheridan’s fictional world.

Part of what makes this setting so foreboding is that in every instance, we’ve visited at night. However, per the news outlet, Yellowstone‘s train station is situated just yards off of a highway pullout. The pullout itself is located near a small MT town called Sula. In the show, the train station is hours away from the Dutton Ranch, on the border of MT and Wyoming. However, in reality, it’s situated just 15 minutes from the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. A photo of the set in the daytime captures beautiful snow-capped mountains, trees bordering a “cliff,” and a river at the bottom of the shallow ravine.