‘Yellowstone’: What We Still Need to Know About Garrett Randall

by Thad Mitchell

Despite Garrett Randall’s departure from the hit television series “Yellowstone” in season four, there is still a lot of mystery surrounding the character. Randall dies at the hands of his own son (Jamie Dutton) but “Yellowstone” fans still have many questions about him.

His role in the hit Paramount Network series is the topic of discussion in a recent Reddit thread. Fans specifically want to know about his relationship with Jamie’s mother. Some fans think there is more to the story than what we currently know.

“A while back someone here guessed that by the end of Season 4, either John Dutton, or Garrett Randall would explain to Jamie that his birth mother is John’s sister,” a Redditor says. “What a great theory! And it seemed to fit the few clues we had. Why else was John raising this boy who isn’t his? Why does John hate Garrett so much if Garrett didn’t wrong the Duttons? Also, why does Garrett hate the Duttons?”

The identity of Jamie’s biological mother is one of “Yellowstone’s” biggest mysteries. Fans recall the diner scene in season four in which Randall and John Dutton discuss this topic. After revealing he spent 30 years in prison for killing his wife, Randall accuses John of misleading authorities.

“You could have told the truth,” Garrett says to John. “You could have told them what she was.”

John has a quick rebuttal to the accusation, blaming Garrett for his wife’s condition. “She was what you made her,” he says before leaving the diner.

There are numerous “Yellowstone” fan theories but no real evidence is supported. “I assumed his mom was Evelyn’s sister since Evelyn is the one who comes home with Jamie to begin with,” a Reddit user says.

‘Yellowstone’ Sheds Little Light on Jamie Dutton’s Situation

When Jamie discovers he was adopted by the Dutton family as an infant, he seeks out Randall, his biological father. Jamie grows close with his father over the course of season four and the two purchase a ranch and a home together. Jamie is blackmailed into killing his father at the end of season four by his sister, Beth Dutton.

Now, a critical piece of Jamie’s backstory is gone with Randall out of the picture. Discovering the identity of his birth mother is something that “Yellowstone” fans would love to see. For now, however, all we have are theories.

“As far as Jamie’s birth mother goes, I thought John had said that she and his wife were best friends,” a Redditor speculates. “That’s why she insisted on raising the baby.”

Speculating on their favorite show is a top hobby for many “Yellowstone” fans. You can bet there will be a plethora of theories from fans through the show’s offseason.