‘Yellowstone’: Which Bunkhouse Ranchers Will Still Be Standing When Season 4 Ends?

by Jon D. B.

If we know one thing heading into Yellowstone Season 4, it’s that the show’s byline of “Every. Body. Pays” is going to hold firm.

Whether featuring the above or the alternate “No one is safe,” promotion for Season 4 is placing some violent emphasis on upcoming, well, violence. Yellowstone‘s return is set to be it’s bloodiest yet, with multiple actors and series creator Taylor Sheridan warning audiences they’re simply not ready for what’s to come.

Each trailer, featurette, and behind the scenes look at Season 4 furthers this, too. And it’s not just the Duttons in trouble; we’ve seen what’s coming for the family proper courtesy of Season 3’s grueling finale. No, it’s the beloved Yellowstone ranchers – the wall between the Duttons and their enemies – that look to be paying for the “sins of the father” this time around.

Most prominently, someone is beating Lloyd Pierce within an inch of his life on the Dutton Ranch as Season 4 kicks off. Could Lloyd, one of the most senior persons on Yellowstone, potentially be a traitor? And thereby standing little to no chance of survival? Not likely. There is not an ounce of foreshadowing for such a reveal in the first 3 seasons. And Taylor Sheridan loves his foreshadowing.

While Lloyd is most likely safe, his beloved Bunkhouse Boys are not. Sadly, fan favorites like Teeter, Colby, and Ryan are completely expendable. They’re great and add much-needed humor and layers to Yellowstone, yes. But are they essential? Not in any way. And that’s what has us afraid. If someone’s going to meet their maker in Season 4, our money is on one of these three characters. Or, even more tragically, Rip or Beth.

‘Yellowstone’: No Kindness for Cowards

So who, then, isn’t going to leave a hole in the bunkhouse?

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Shockingly, it’s Jimmy Hurdstrom who stands the best chance of survival. And it all comes down to Jefferson White’s casting on Yellowstone spinoff: 6666.

Sure, when we last saw the 20-something, Jimmy was on his back again after another crippling rodeo accident. By Season 3’s end and Season 4 trailers, we’re led to believe he’s dead in the dirt of Yellowstone Ranch. Right?

Wrong! We’re not sure how or why, but Jefferson White has been cast as a lead in Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone spinoff, 6666. He may seem the unlikely choice, but like most of Yellowstone’s ranch hands – Jimmy is expendable. There’s no chance of sending a Dutton or Rip off to populate their own spinoff. And seeing as how 6666 takes place in Texas at America’s largest historical ranch of the same name, someone had to go. And it’s going to be Jimmy.

By the same token, Ryan Bingham’s returning coward, Walker, is set to survive into 6666 through his casting, as well. That alone should be enough to tell you things aren’t looking good for ol’ Jimmy sticking around Yellowstone.

Sadly, however, this leaves other fan favorites like Lloyd, Ryan, Colby, and Teeter as true gun-fodder. And that’s the real short end of the stick.

We’ll know for sure once the proverbial cow pies hit the fan throughout Yellowstone Season 4.