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‘Yellowstone’: Which Male Character Has the Best Style?

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Paramount+/Paramount Network

“Yellowstone” is definitely known for its dark and gritty storylines and its sweeping, expansive backdrops, but what about personal style? Some fans took to Reddit recently to discuss the characters’ sartorial choices on the show.

The original post listed Kayce, John, Lloyd, Rip, Colby, and Ryan as the best dressers on the ranch; they then proceeded to break everything down in detail, with some immensely insightful comments on the costuming.

“Kayce’s style from season 1 then to season 3 is quite a change,” the post begins. “From vests, hoodies and t-shirts with some casual button ups or jackets to wearing some badass flannels, button ups, and his sports coat.”

Discussing John’s wardrobe, the post stated, “What is there to say, he always looks on point, even in a short sleeve white Henley and jeans, his style is always impeccable, especially when he wears his dress hat with his suits.” The contrast of the hat and the suit is so jarring, but in a really great way. It ties together two parts of John Dutton’s life: the business, and the freedom of the ranch.

Lloyd is more of an old-school cowboy, and it shows in his clothing. “I like his leather vests, sets him apart from the rest, I especially love how he pops his collars and looks so cool,” said the thread.

As for Rip, he sticks mostly to a “uniform” of black jacket, denim shirt, and blue jeans. He has his look, and he doesn’t mess with it. The post also mentioned Ryan’s band t-shirts, which shows that he has some personality. Ryan and Colby both add accessories like bandanas to raise their style game.

‘Yellowstone’: A Discussion of Real Rancher Style

A few fans in the comments wrote about rancher style in reality; the style on the show definitely differs.

“I live in a small ranching community and it cracks me up to see how some of the guys on the show dress,” wrote one fan. “Most ranchers wear old button up shirts that can get torn and stained. Some wear baseball caps instead of cowboy hats […] Horsemen and rodeoers tend to dress the cowboy part, whereas real farmers and ranchers wear more practical clothing.”

Another fan shared their personal experience with cowboy style. They wrote, “I grew up on a farming ranch, about a third of our acreage was devoted to crops rather than cattle or horses. What an average person pictures, the dinner plate belt buckle, cracks me up. You can’t sit on horseback comfortably with a big ass buckle!!” They then mentioned that Rip’s buckle is “smaller and oval shaped,” which is much more realistic.

The most fun aspect of discussing “Yellowstone” costuming is that you can buy pieces from the characters’ wardrobes from the first four episodes of season 4 if you’re so inclined. The wardrobe department sources from companies like Wrangler, Stetson, and Ray-Ban to get that classic rancher look. You can also go to the official “Yellowstone” merch store. Get yourself a replica of John Dutton’s branded vest and more.