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‘Yellowstone’: Who Is Avery?

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Phillip Faraone/WireImage)

“Yellowstone” star Tanaya Beatty surprised fans by appearing in last night’s episode, “I Want To Be Him,” as former ranch hand Avery.

Fans met Avery back in Season 1, but she abruptly dropped off the show midway through Season 2. Reportedly, Beatty got involved in some major films, so she left the show for a while. But now she’s back, and fans can’t help but wonder why.

But first, let’s get into what we know about Avery as a “Yellowstone” character. Per CengNews, Rip recruited her as the first female ranch hand during the Season 1 finale. She was formerly a stripper, but she has extensive experience with horses, especially breaking colts. The cowboys needed an extra hand, so Rip hired her on and she came to stay in the bunkhouse.

Rather than being ostracized by the men, Avery quickly fit in with the other Yellowstone ranch hands. She got along like one of the boys and even kicked their asses at cowboy poker during Season 2. That’s also when she started growing a little bit closer with Jimmy, even helping him escape some guys who wanted money from him.

But Avery’s last appearance on “Yellowstone” came in Season 2 Episode 4. She never acted on her growing feelings for Jimmy, or vice versa. Instead, she disappeared without a trace. And when John commented on it, Rip just told him she’s a drifter.

We didn’t necessarily expect to see Beatty as Avery again. But now she’s returned, and we can’t help but wonder why it coincides with John’s new rule of no more girls in the bunkhouse.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Saw Avery Again in Season 4 Episode 6

“Yellowstone” star Tanaya Beatty didn’t reappear looking for work at the ranch, though. Instead, Kayce Dutton ran into her when he was helping Chairman Rainwater with a horse theft problem. Avery’s family, or the family she’s staying with, had the horses stolen from them. So the two caught up when Kayce went to investigate.

Kayce said everyone wondered where she went, and Avery just replied, “I’m not a believer in goodbye. When it’s time to leave, I go.”

Avery ended the conversation on a slightly flirtatious note, causing Monica to flair with jealously. This whole reunion took place in front of Tate and Monica. Later that night, she even commented on it to Kayce, saying it kept her up. But Kayce quickly reassured Monica that she was the only one for him.

But could Avery come in between Kayce and Monica later on? Especially if he’s helping track down her family’s horses? The more time they spend together, the more likely something could happen between them. There seems to be little other reason to reintroduce Avery to the show. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for more signs and clues, though.