‘Yellowstone’: Who Is the Most Unappreciated Character on the Show?

by Thad Mitchell

With a new season of Yellowstone just around the corner, it is time to rev up the excitement meter and dust off your cowboy hat.

The modern western drama series has built a robust fan base that is still growing as more and more people discover Yellowstone Ranch. The show is so loved by its fans, that the internet is scattered with forums and message boards dedicated to nothing but Yellowstone talks.

Yellowstone enthusiasts love to discuss the show and speculate on what will happen to their favorite characters. Fans also love to engage in healthy debate, ranging from what will happen to the ranch to which character is the most bada** of them all. The latter became a subject of debate in a thread on the online message board community Reddit.

The thread asks a simple question and encourages fans to chime in with their answers. The poster wants to know who fellow fans think is the “most unappreciated bada**” on Yellowstone. There is an overwhelming consensus among fans participating in the thread and it may not be who you think.

Rip Wheeler is the most obvious name that immediately comes to mind. While Rip is certainly a certifiable bada**, he isn’t exactly underappreciated. Beth Dutton also qualifies for the BA category but also doesn’t fit the “unappreciated” label. There are several other candidates like Teeter, Angela Blue Thunder and Lloyd.

Yellowstone Fans Crown Mo as Most Unappreciated

But the winner, at least for these fans, is Chief Rainwater’s right-hand man, Mo.

“Can I just say what an unappreciated bada** this guy is?” the thread starter says. “I love every scene he is in.”

Mo speaks softly but carries a big stick, so to speak. Serving as Chief Rainwater’s driver, advisor and personal enforcer, Mo is not to be messed with.

While the Native American has had several BA moments on Yellowstone, one really sticks out for many fans.

In season three, the reservation is trying to catch a serial rapist on its ground. With Monica Dutton as bait, they lure the suspect into a remote area. Mo shoots and kills the man using a rifle from a long distance away. The scene is textbook Mo and is one that fans are still clamoring about. Other Reddit posters agree with the sentiment as well.

“Mo is wonderful, I hope we get to see more of him!” another Reddit user says.

More Mo is a sentiment agreed upon by many Yellowstone fans. With season four just around the corner, hopefully, we get more BA moments from the Native American enforcer.