‘Yellowstone’: Who Will be the Main Villain of Season 5?

by Jon D. B.

All signs point to Caroline Warner having some serious competition for Yellowstone Season 5’s main villain. Here’s everything we know so far. But first, be warned of major spoilers ahead.

Yellowstone Season 4 brought shocking deaths for several series villains. Most notably, Roarke Morris and Garrett Randall are no more. Still, there’s no shortage of opposition left to torture the Duttons for 2022’s Season 5.

Caroline Warner Means to End Beth Dutton in Season 5

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If that’s not the face of a brilliant villain, we don’t know what is. Jacki Weaver made her debut as Market Equities CEO Caroline Warner in Yellowstone Season 4’s two-episode premiere, and by the season finale she had her claws further into Beth Dutton than any villain prior.

As a recurring cast member, Weaver’s Caroline took on a lead role in Market Equities’ strategy to take the Duttons’ land. She threw audiences a curveball early on, too, in offering Beth Dutton a pivotal role within the company. Beth’s attempts to sabotage ME’s plans from within were reckless, however, and the ever-sharp Warner was quick to catch her mole.

In a riveting Season 4 sendoff for the character, Caroline threatens Beth with everything but death in what’s sure to be a full setup for their roles in Season 5. Warner has unlimited dirt on the only Dutton daughter and plans to have her “rotting in a cell” for the rest of her life. But we all know Beth doesn’t go down that easily.

Will Jamie Dutton Betray His Family Again in Season 5?

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Just as crucially, Jamie Dutton finds himself under the control of his Dutton family once again by Season 4’s end. Beth has completely cornered the slippery Attorney General and has enough blackmail on him to ensure he’s forever under her (and their father’s) thumb.

To do so, Beth photographed Jamie as he was dumping the body of his biological father, Garrett Randall, at their family’s train station. If we know anything about Jamie, however, it’s that he’s incapable of taking Beth & John’s treatment of him lying down.

As a result, we’re expecting some true fireworks from Jamie Dutton come Yellowstone Season 5. Especially now that he’s back “inside” the Dutton family proper – for better or worse.

Thomas Rainwater’s ‘Unfinished Business’ with John Dutton

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Many have come for the Duttons and their land, but their feud with Broken Rock Reservation remains the heart of the show.

It’s impossible to paint Thomas Rainwater and his Broken Rock kin as actual villains, however. Which is precisely what makes their relationship with John Dutton so impactful. Their mutual respect, too, proves a powerful dynamic that continues to drive the plot forward.

Such was the case early in Season 4 when Rainwater and Mo deliver assassin accomplice Checkers to John personally. Yet even as he does, Rainwater makes it clear to John Dutton (in a very straightforward manner) that they “still have chess to play.”

As with seasons prior, this conflict is sure to come to a point in Yellowstone Season 5. Especially after the revelations of indigenous burials on Dutton land. And we can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.