‘Yellowstone’: Why Cole Hauser Feels ‘Free’ Acting With Kelly Reilly

by Joe Rutland

Those scenes involving Cole Hauser and Kelly Reilly do heat up TV screens on Yellowstone. Hauser said he feels a certain way around her.

Well, when it comes to acting, then it’s obvious there is something between them as actors. Hauser, who plays Rip Wheeler, talked about it during an interview with Deadline. Reilly plays his wife, Beth Dutton, on the show, too.

“As far as Kelly and I and our relationship not only onscreen but offscreen, I mean, I feel like and I hope she feels the same way,” Hauser said. “And I think we’ve talked about it throughout interviews several times but I just feel free with her to do whatever we want to do as creative souls.

‘Yellowstone’ Actor Says He Feels ‘Blessed’ To Have Met Reilly Four Years Ago

“I’m blessed to have met her four years ago and to be able to create these two characters together,” the Yellowstone actor said. And boy, have they had some scenes since the series started.

Throughout Season 4, their relationship definitely warmed up more. They also had to adjust their sails with Carter, played by Finn Little, as part of the scene. Fans also saw them move into a house on the Dutton ranch this season. But Rip and Beth have been together since the show’s first season.

It also takes work to get in shape for those scenes where Rip is riding his horse. Which, to be honest seems like almost every scene for him on Yellowstone. But that’s not the case.

Staying In Shape For His Many Horse-Riding Scenes Does Take Work

Hauser did an interview with Men’s Journal after Season 4 was done. He discussed what he has to go through when it comes to being in shape for riding those horses.

“The best way to get ready for those days is to put the time in and spend many hours riding,” he said. “It’s all about getting in those reps.

“Following a full day of riding everything is going to hurt, especially your back, hips, and legs,” Hauser said. Then there is another thing to ponder. Why has the show taken so long to catch on with viewers? Hauser did talk about this in another interview with Variety.

“It feels like it is finally touching the edges of America,” he said. “It seems like New York and LA are kind of paying attention, which is nice, for a lot of us to see that kind of acknowledgment. I’m just happy that Americans are talking about Yellowstone and that they love this kind of show. Taylor [Sheridan] has done such a great job and there’s a tremendous cast.”