‘Yellowstone’: Why Creator Taylor Sheridan Chose ‘1932’ for Next Spinoff

by Courtney Blackann

The Dutton family story keeps getting better and better. As we move through the generations, viewers are learning more about the roots of John Dutton and his strong-willed offspring. The latest installment of the Yellowstone universe will include a super cool look at the Duttons in a Great Depression/Prohibition era. And Taylor Sheridan is here to explain the details.

Following the announcement of “1932,” Sheridan explains that the story will move right along with the Dutton clan. Presumably set in Montana (though it’s not confirmed) the series will take a look at the lives of the youngest characters we meet on “1883.”

Sheridan explains that when he created “Yellowstone,” he’d already thought out a back story for the Duttons. And this goes back generations and generations.

In a post on Instagram, the “1883” official page shared an interview with the “Yellowstone” writer and creator.

“With “Yellowstone,” I had built out this backstory of where the Dutton family had come from. And with “1932,” I chose that moment in time to peak back in because you’re seeing the children we’ve met in “1883” now attempting to raise another generation of Dutton children. And it comes at a time of the Wild West becoming a playground for the elite from the east,” Sheridan remarks.

Though there’s no fixed release date for the newest series, fans of the show couldn’t be more excited.

Fans React To “1932” Announcement

Tons of people reacted to the news sharing their own excitement for all of Sheridan’s latest project announcements.

“Does he ever sleep? How does he have the time and head space to create, develop and bring to life all these projects? This is [mind blowing],” one person writes.

Another writes, ” LOOK!! Taylor Sheridan is coming out with five new shows!! So excited!”

And it’s true. Paramount Network is building an empire with all of Sheridan’s projects. Presumably the company is trying to do what Amazon and Netflix have done with their originals. And with Sheridan at the helm, it seems to be working.

And for Sheridan, it all boils down to telling a compelling story and staying authentic.

“So it just comes back to authenticity,” he added. “I don’t rehearse with my actors. There’s no way for me to inform them what this way of life is, you just have to do it. The better I can make them understand the thing they’re acting out, the better the performances, the more authentic the scenes look, then it looks real. I just take my actors and put ’em to work. So when they perform their character, they’re just doing another form of the job. Anyone who ranches for a living, anyone who cowboys for a living, when they see my work I want them to say, ‘That’s how you do it.’”