‘Yellowstone’: Why Fans Want to See Jamie Dutton Get Revenge on Beth

by Thad Mitchell

Fans of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” would like to see the sibling rivalry between Beth and Jamie Dutton heat up in Season 5. Beth’s treatment of her adopted brother is a source of division among many “Yellowstone” watchers. Some believe it to be justified and others say it is a bit over the top. While many fans are undoubtedly on “Team Beth,” many others would like to see Jamie stand up for himself and put Beth in her place. It is the topic of discussion in a recent Reddit thread.

What to Know

  • “Yellowstone” fan voice support for Jamie Dutton on Reddit
  • The Dutton sibling rivalry rages on.
  • Fans of the hit series can expect the Jamie/Beth feud to continue in season five.

“Personally speaking, I’d like to see the roles change between her (Beth) and Jamie,” a “Yellowstone” fan says. “If that was to happen could any of you imagine how he (Jamie) could ruin and manipulate her? Now, I know Jamie is or has been seen as a more passive individual but what if Jamie becomes as callus as John Dutton. We already know that Kayce can kill and isn’t afraid of it but how about Jamie? Can anybody else envision what would happen if Jamie gets a set and cuts loose on Beth?”

The already intense “Yellowstone” rivalry has the brother and sister constantly at each other’s throats. The source of their hatred toward each other stems from an incident when they were younger. Discovering that she is is pregnant, Beth goes to her big brother for help. Jamie Dutton’s solution is to take his sister to a reservation clinic to have the pregnancy terminated. When Jamie is informed that Beth will be sterilized during the procedure, he doesn’t tell his sister. Now, unable to bear children, Beth holds a deep grudge against Jamie and constantly antagonizes him over it.

“Personally, I’m pretty tired of Beth’s character and would love to see her get a taste of her own medicine,” another “Yellowstone” Redditor says.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Sound Off on Jamie and Beth Dutton Feud

The rivalry between the siblings reached a new high in the fourth and latest season. Jamie and Beth are now political enemies with the latter supporting her father, John Dutton, for Montana’s governor position. “Yellowstone” fans believe the ongoing feud will only continue to rage in the upcoming fifth season.

“I’m of the same opinion,” one Reddit user says. “She deserves no more or no less than how she’s treated everybody in the cast. It would be monumental if someone from the reservation takes her out. Just the way the Indian Chief said in the closing of ‘1883’ would happen. After all, Kayce and Beth do Mark that seventh generation. You have to think something will happen when the new season comes around.”

We don’t yet know exactly when that new season will come around yet but it is drawing closer by the day. The “Yellowstone” cast will return to Montana to begin filming in May.