‘Yellowstone’: Why the Series Could End With Thomas Rainwater Victorious

by Courtney Blackann

While most “Yellowstone” fans are notably rooting for the Dutton family to come out on top once the battle of land ownership is over, at least some fans believe that John Dutton’s sometimes-enemy Thomas Rainwater could come out victorious.

And while Thomas Rainwater seems to get sidelined by John Dutton or his team of rowdy cowboys time and time again, the fans have spoken.

In a thread on Reddit, “Yellowstone” fans gathered to discuss future theories. And they had a lot to say.

The original poster asked what the future of “Yellowstone” looks like since “1883” ended totally unexpectedly with some very important characters dying.

“Guesses for Yellowstone finale based upon 1883 ending?” the poster asks.

Several people had their theories. There were many. Some were about Tate’s future. Some were about Kayce Dutton leaving Monica at the pinnacle of their relationship. But the original poster had a well-constructed thought about the series conclusion.

“So, based upon the ending of 1883 where the Crow chief tells James Dutton that in 7 generations his people will rise up to take the land back – and we know from Governor Perry that the Yellowstone is a “seven-generation ranch,” my question to all of you is: how will the mothership end since we are in the 7th generation (presumably Beth/Kayce’s generation)?”

The writer continues on:

“My prognostication is simple: Rainwater & Mo will emerge victorious, probably through a legal/political battle. I think Jamie will undermine the family by assisting the tribe in some key way (whether leaking information or creating favorable legal/political conditions for the tribe’s success) — his ultimate payback for being shunned and, call me crazy, I still think his birth mom is gonna wind up being Native. Curious where Kayce’s allegiance will be: tribe/Monica or Dad/Duttons. I predict tribe.”

“1883’s” Tragic End Leads “Yellowstone” Fans to Expect More Heartbreak

This is especially interesting given “Yellowstone” season four’s inclusion of so much more Native American history and culture. The poster further adds:

“I used to think this would end sort of ambiguously but definitely no longer convinced of that. Some combination of John, Rip, and Beth will die, most likely violently. Hell, maybe the whole family will. Wouldn’t that be something.”

To be fair, we haven’t seen Taylor Sheridan end his stories as heartbreakingly as we did with “1883.” He really took a leap, telling a beautifully poetic tale of love and loss along the Great Plains. But to know that story, is to better appreciate “Yellowstone” – especially because of where Elsa Dutton dies in the prequel.

It’s entirely possible that once “Yellowstone” finally concludes, Taylor Sheridan could break our hearts all over again. But to do it again so soon after “1883” would be unfair and cruel – we’ve endured enough for one year, Sheridan!

“Yellowstone” has been renewed for season five and should air someone this summer. And we can’t wait.