‘Yellowstone’: Why Some Fans Still Can’t Understand the Jamie Dutton Hate

by Thad Mitchell

Some fans of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” can’t seem to figure out why so many watchers hate Jamie Dutton.

Jamie is indeed one of the most divisive characters on a show that is full of them. He is the black sheep of the Dutton family, shunned by his adopted father, John Dutton, and loathed by his sister, Beth. While Jamie has brought a lot of this upon himself, some “Yellowstone” fans think the hatred is a bit overboard. In a recent Reddit thread, fans discuss Jamie Dutton’s role in the Dutton family. The thread starter admits they are just starting the third season and is looking for feedback on why Jamie is loathed by fans.

“I’m at the beginning of season 3 and I still can’t figure out why everyone hates Jamie,” the Reddit user explains. “His dad can’t stand him. His brother treats him like a stray dog. And his sister literally wants to destroy him and spit on his grave. He seems decent enough, compared to the rest of his family. Did I miss something?”

With this particular fan being at the beginning of season three, there is obviously much more to come. The incident between Jamie and his sister when they were younger is the primary cause of “Yellowstone” fans’ hatred toward him. After revealing she is pregnant at a very young age, Beth turns to her older brother for help. Fellow “Yellowstone” fans tell the Reddit user that integral plot details regarding Jamie’s relationship with his family are coming.

“We can’t tell you,” another Redditor insists. “it’s an integral part of the plots to come. Just put a check and move on. You will get your answers in good time. I felt the pain of him being ostracized by his family too.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Ponder If Jamie Dutton Hate is Overboard

Not everyone dislikes Jamie and there are a few “Yellowstone” fans out there that are rooting for him to succeed. The fourth season see the feud between Jamie and John Dutton reaches a new level. John decides to run for Montana Governor just to ensure that his adopted son does not get the position. Some “Yellowstone” fans believe the hostility against Jamie is a bit overblown.

“I still don’t get the hostility treatment towards him even at the end of season 4,” another Reddit user says. “It’s so cartoonishly overblown. I can’t think of it being the way it is other than for the sake of having drama in the show.”

Season four concludes with Jamie killing his biological father, Garrett Randall, to appease Beth. She also photographs him attempting to dispose of the body. This will likely set the stage for further storyline development in season five.