‘Yellowstone’: Wild Fan Theory Suggests Jamie Dutton Has Strongest Claim to Dutton Ranch

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

There are plenty of wild “Yellowstone” theories, but one suggesting Jamie Dutton is the rightful heir to the Dutton Ranch is among the wildest.

In the absence of their favorite show, “Yellowstone” fans have turned to the internet to get their modern west fix. Message board forum site Reddit is also a popular virtual hangout spot for fans of the show. One of the favorite activities of Reddit users is collecting feedback on their wild theories from fellow fans. A theory from a loyal “Yellowstone” fan, however, may just take the cake. It suggests Jamie Dutton has the strongest claim to the family ranch. A Redditor with the handle “American Wanderlust” believes Jamie may have Native American lineage. The “Yellowstone” fan surmises this could put Jamie at the front of the line to inherit the ranch.

“I also think Jamie is part Native American,” the Redditor says. “We haven’t learned about her yet, but I think his birth mother is going to be either full or 75% Crow. This would explain that jet black hair (his father had sandy hair) and the high cheekbones. He also has sharper features that he didn’t share with his biological dad. So where do they come from? Mom. This is also why the Phyllis was Evelyn’s sister thing doesn’t work for me.”

The subject of Jamie Dutton’s mother and his claim to “Yellowstone” Ranch has long been debated by fans. There are plenty of theories out there regarding just who his mother actually is. Despite the difference in appearances from the rest of the family, Jamie never caught on. He doesn’t learn that he was adopted by the Duttons until the third season.

Jamie Dutton’s Lineage Could be Huge Part of ‘Yellowstone’ Puzzle

This “Yellowstone” fan and Reddit user is far from the only one who is curious about Jamie Dutton’s birth mother. Viewers have long speculated on the identity of Jamie’s mother and it seems to be a big part of the puzzle that has yet to be revealed.

“The reason I like this theory is because in Season 4 Randall kept saying stuff to Jamie like ‘they stole your birthright’ or ‘they stole your inheritance’ which would work from a Native American perspective,” a Reddit user says. “If Jamie is indeed part Native, then I can see him working with Rainwater and tribe to undermine the Duttons. Maybe Tate is the ranch’s future or maybe Jamie gets even and ends up using his dueling claims to help himself to it? Lots of possibilities.”

Lots of possibilities, indeed. “Yellowstone” fans are excited to see how the series progresses in season five. Could we learn more about Jamie Dutton and his true lineage and his claim to “Yellowstone” Ranch? It is certainly something to keep an eye on.