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‘Yellowstone’: Will Beth’s Path of Revenge Push Her Too Far?

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Death, taxes and Beth Dutton seeking out revenge against those that have wronged her family on “Yellowstone” are about the only certainties we have in life.

Yes, Beth is on the warpath through the first three episodes of the fourth “Yellowstone” season. Fans of the show have come to expect nothing less from the “Yellowstone” queen. Meaner than the rattlesnake that Rip threw at Roarke Morris, Beth Dutton is not someone you want to run afoul of.

But someone did run afoul of her by attacking her and her family. Her father, John Dutton, was the victim of a drive-by shooting but he survived the ordeal. Her brother, Kayce Dutton, was also shot and shot at but appears to have survived the situation the same as his father. Beth may have gotten the worst end of the attack when a bomb detonates inside of her office complex. She makes it out alive but as we saw in a previous episode, she is badly burned and scarred.

So, what is Beth Dutton’s next move? It appears she’s all in on her other brother, Jamie Dutton, being behind the attack. She very well could be right but she virtually no proof that Jamie is behind the attack on his own family. Nevertheless, Beth appears thoroughly convinced that Jamie is the culprit. In a previous “Yellowstone” episode, she even vows to kill him. Will her drive for revenge force her off the edge? Kelly Reilly, the actress behind Beth Dutton says it could. It could also drive a wedge between herself and her future husband, Rip.

‘There’s a question of whether or not Beth is gonna go off the deep end,” she says. “And is she gonna put him first or is she going to put her own need for revenge first?”

‘Yellowstone’ Returns Tonight With Beth’s Fight for Revenge

Before she gets to her brother, it appears Beth will have to go through a brand new villain, Caroline Warner. She is the CEO of Market Equities, the group that wants the “Yellowstone” property for themselves. Their plan is to turn into a bustling airport and tourist destination. The Dutton family is having none of it, however, with no intention of parting with their property.

The trailer for the fourth episode shows Beth and Caroline meeting for the first time and we all expect fireworks. Caroline assures Beth that she is in for the “fight of her life” without even blinking. What kind of influence will Warner have on Beth and could it push her closer to the edge?

As we all “Yellowstone” fans know, Rip is Beth’s rock. We’ll see how he plays a factor in all of Beth’s dealings in future episodes.

We get our next new season four episode in just a few hours.