‘Yellowstone’: Will the Dutton Family Ever Thank Jamie for His Work?

by Jon D. B.

“He hates me because of her.” Will Jamie finally see familial redemption in Yellowstone Season 4 after everything the Duttons have gone through?

“He doesn’t hate you, Jamie. I’m here because of him,” Kayce tells his brother in Season 4, Episode 4, “Winning or Learning”. It’s perhaps the best scene of the season so far, too, as it finally gives us some sort of progress in the inner-workings of the Dutton family. No matter what spinoffs need to be set up (see: all the time spent on Jimmy and 6666) or how much of Taylor Sheridan wants horses to be the future of Yellowstone (again, see 6666), the Dutton familial drama is the heart of this show. And it’s what fans have been missing.

At the heart of said heart, too, is Jamie’s wildly unpredictable nature. He feels the sort of chap we’d be able to figure out from a mile away, right? So why, then, does he keep surprising us season after season?

“He doesn’t want some state’s attorney, Jamie. He wants you,” Kayce continues to his brother, surprising him in kind. And it’s in this mid-episode moment that Yellowstone fans would realize how integral Jamie’s own path is to the future of cable’s #1 drama.

‘The Only People You Can Trust is Family’

Kayce sums this up with the above line to his brother. Yellowstone fans took notice, too, and took to Reddit’s ever-active Yellowstone board to break it down.

“Jaimie hasn’t abandoned the family even after he found out about the adoption… He’s had over a year to adjust to it between S3 and S4, begins Redditor boots_and_bullets. “He tells Beth after she attacks him in his office [and then Jamie after] that he provided John with police protection, covered over the killings at the ranch, covered over Kaycee’s killing of the guys in the van they chased down. So he did what he could legally…”

All of this considered, the Yellowstone fan wants to know “how long we have to wait till they thank him.”

“Exactly. I’m so tired of the Jamie hate train I don’t know what to do,” agrees u/r-e-w-13. “Its frustrating as hell. Like there’s no growth.”

To this end, fellow Yellowstone fan gu_doc believes Jamie is going to kill his biological father, Garrett Randall, “when they find out he’s behind it. He will be welcomed back to the family. Hell he might even save Beth in the process and win her favor.”

That’s a whole lot of speculation, right there. But it may very well go down like this. Ahead of Season 4, Episode 5, Jamie is set to redeem himself in a big way. And as Redditor AmericanWanderlust echoes, “I have never understood the hate for him. His “bad deeds” are literally 1/16 of what every other member of his family’s are.”

Indeed, it certainly feels time for Jamie to receive a Dutton apology from his father. He may never get – or deserve one – from Beth, but it’s long overdue from the man that raised him.