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‘Yellowstone’: Will Jamie Ever Find a Way to Redeem Himself in Beth’s Eyes?

by Amy Myers
Photo credit: Paramount Network

It’s no secret that Jamie isn’t popular among the Yellowstone verse and fanbase. But, like every character in the western series, he has his flaws and he has his redeeming qualities. It’s hard to blatantly label him as the bad guy, so could there be a chance that he and Beth make amends in the near future?

It seems Yellowstone fans hope for this outcome. On Reddit, viewers discussed whether Jamie could redeem himself from the reputation he’s created in the eyes of the other Duttons. Likely, they don’t want to hate Jamie because they recognize that past his continuous bad decisions, he does have good intentions.

“As hate-able of a character Jamie is, am I the only person that hopes he ends up redeeming himself in the show?” the author of the post asked. “He is an incredibly flawed and tortured character but I feel like there is good in him and he’s not evil at his core. It would be great to see him ultimately do the right thing by the Duttons and prove his true loyalty and love to them that even Beth would take note of. Thoughts?”

In essence, the response was a resounding yes. But instead of asking could Jamie redeem himself, we should be asking will he redeem himself.

“Jamie has the potential, if Taylor Sheridan takes advantage of it, to be perhaps the most complex character on the show,” another Yellowstone fan wrote. “A ton of possibilities for his redemption, not all of which may benefit the Duttons. Would certainly twist some things up.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Look at Jamie in a New Light

Other Yellowstone fans pointed to the fact that Jamie was really only a villain to Beth and John Dutton. Kayce, on the other hand, still has an amicable relationship with his adopted brother.

“I know it’s popular to think he’ll become the villain, but Kayce loves and trusts him and I trust Kayce’s judgement [sic],” one fan said. “I haven’t ever seen Jamie as self-serving so much as he’s got such low self-esteem, no confidence and that makes him very easily manipulated. If he ever gets past that, he’ll be a powerhouse and he will stand up for himself and his family… though John doesn’t deserve it.”

One Yellowstone watcher even came up with a storyline that would make Jamie the tragic hero.

“Hot take: Not only will he redeem himself, he will save the Yellowstone and will make the ultimate sacrifice, Beth and Rip will adopt his child, giving her the child he took, and the succession lines merge again since John is Jamie’s uncle.”

The plot is actually pretty realistic, considering it would tie up some loose ends with Beth and John. And it would end Jamie’s story with a twist – something director Taylor Sheridan loves to do.