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‘Yellowstone’: Will John Dutton’s Governor Campaign Expose His Family’s Secrets?

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Paramount Press Center)

One thing John Dutton is good about is hiding family secrets on Yellowstone. With his campaign for governor coming up, will that end?

Probably not. But John, who is played by Kevin Costner, definitely surprised Jamie Dutton when that announcement was made in Season 4. Yet will something happen to change this and explode those secrets? We get some help about this from TV Insider.

So, anyone who has seen Yellowstone knows that John is a confident guy. Yet he has to be careful because campaign exposure could really prove costly.

‘Yellowstone’ Lead Character Worked Some Backroom Magic For Summer’s Sentence

Remember that the Dutton family tends to kill its enemies. Where do those people go? Yeah, they go for a ride to the “the train station” and have those bodies dumped.

OK, we also know that the top Yellowstone Ranch employees get branded (for real) with the logo. Also, we’re aware that John had some backroom maneuvers with the judge when it came to Summer’s jail sentence.

A good chat with the judge, along with a stiff drink, helped get her jail sentence reduced. And that was for Summer Higgins, activist and love interest for John. She’s played by Piper Perabo on the show and the actress is expected to return for Season 5. It is not set in stone yet, but that storyline is goo good to not keep on going on Yellowstone.

Enemies Come Out And Deliver Some Serious Damage To Dutton Family

Heaven knows, John has gotten crossways with enough people that it lead to the shootings and explosions. Hardly a soul was left untouched by them and we got a good look at the after-effects as Season 4 opened up. Remember that John was a bloody mess on the side of the road after being shot.

The enemies keep score and got some revenge, but also paid a price, too. Let us turn our attention, though, to something else. Kayce Dutton, played by Luke Grimes, and Jamie Dutton, played by Wes Bentley, are viewed differently by John. One son is biological; the other is adopted.

So, in a recent Reddit thread, fans discuss the Dutton family. It appears that John favors Kayce over Jamie. One fan writes, “[John] treats [Jamie] like a servant and then kicks him to the curb when he dared to live his own life just a little. Yet, Kayce who says f*** you and left to live his own life – John is constantly trying to get him back and basically give him the ranch. I’m watching season two but I know the spoiler about Jaime being adopted – but what should that matter, he’s still his son? He seems to despise him.”