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‘Yellowstone’: Will John and Summer’s Romance Continue Into Season 5?

by Courtney Blackann

When we first meet Summer Higgins in “Yellowstone,” it’s easy to write her off as just another two-episode character. She’s a bit much initially, in my humble opinion. But we soon learn the character (Piper Perabo) has more layers. And John Dutton notices this as well. While their rendezvous is short-lived, could the character be a bigger presence in season five of the show?

Let’s unpack this a little bit. Summer is a die-hard environmental activist. She’s maybe naive, or she just hasn’t done her research. Because when John Dutton gives her some insight into the life of a cowboy, she suddenly gains some more understanding.

There are some funny moments – like when Summer perplexes the Dutton’s chef when she offers a huge list of breakfast items she can’t have (no meat, no dairy, no gluten). “What’s gluten?” the chef asks, offering comedic relief at a time when Summer is the subject of Beth’s sharp-tongued insults.

However, John sees a softer side to the activist. He understands that she’s fighting for a cause she deeply believes in – and he identifies with this. After all, the Dutton leader has been fighting for his Yellowstone ranch since season one.

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But it’s after Beth orchestrates a protest she knows will draw Summer into trouble that John takes a deeper interest in the character. Summer is swayed by Beth to protest the excavation of reservation land. She enlists hundreds of protesters to the site – knowing that Market Equities will viciously attack their actions with legal retaliation.

The “Yellowstone” character is immediately arrested and threatened with a hefty jail sentence. But John, finding out that Beth is the mastermind behind this plot, goes to the judge and cashes in a favor. We’re left with knowing Summer will get out within a week or two.

So what happens next? We suspect that Summer will be back to thank John for his help. And this could potentially lead to a deeper romance than the two originally planned. With John being lonely since his wife tragically passed away, the “Yellowstone” cowboy says he won’t fall in love again. But could Summer be the remedy to his broken heart?

The two are polar opposites, but then again, opposites attract, don’t they? And Summer seems like the type who could soften and change her perspectives based on knowledge. It’s unclear what fans hope for – the character was unexpectedly thrown into the mix.

And further, what happens if Summer and John do become more serious in regards to Beth’s relationship with her father? The chaos will unravel quickly. Or maybe Summer and Beth will find common ground. The only person who knows for certain what will become of John and Summer is Taylor Sheridan. And so far, mum’s the word on that front.