‘Yellowstone’s Will Patton Says Garrett Randall Was ‘More Heroic’ Than John Dutton in ‘Some Ways’

by Jonathan Howard

When it comes to rivalries, is there any better in Yellowstone than John Dutton and Garrett Randall? It’s produced some good moments. Of course, Randall is the biological father of Jamie Dutton. He comes in and shakes things up for the Dutton family, trying to get into the mind of his son and making a wedge between John and Jamie.

Now, Will Patton, the actor that brought Garrett Randall to life is on to a new show. Outer Range has been a hit so far. The sci-fi/western combo has turned a lot of heads. Patton plays Wayne Tillerson in the series.

During a conversation with Taste of Country, the actor opened up about his new show, a little about Yellowstone, and dropped some knowledge about John Dutton in the process. Look, the main character isn’t always a good person. Even if fans seem to think so.

“Oh yeah. That’s interesting. I think both of those [shows], in terms of where I entered into them, was very much like that. The guy in Yellowstone may have been a killer, but in some ways he was a lot more heroic with Jamie’s character than John Dutton was. This guy, on the surface, you got wealthy land baron who hunts and kills animals as trophies, but you look at it a little closer and it’s – are those animals on his wall really about trophies?”

Fans might feel like the good guy is Dutton or Abbott. However, there’s a lot more under the surface. With the new Amazon drama, there are some wild themes.

“There’s this animal theme going through (Outer Range) that’s really interesting. If you’ve watched all the episodes you know what I mean in terms of our connection with the animals. The buffalo being the epitome of the Western symbol.”

‘Yellowstone’ Shows the Good and Bad of John Dutton

When it comes to John Dutton and the broader Yellowstone story, there is a lot going on. Like many people in real life, the man himself is complex and complicated. However, there are some traits that just can’t be excused at times. He is quick to anger, quick to action, and is always ready to pull the trigger. It’s led to some less-than-ideal situations as well.

However, that’s the point. Taylor Sheridan does not write characters to make fans like them. Or, even if fans like them, they aren’t written to be role models necessarily. So, characters like John Dutton, are fun, exciting, and full of drama. That doesn’t mean they are the good guy at the end of the day, though. That’s something that Patton touched on while talking about the Dutton patriarch.

So, what do you think, Outsiders? The Dutton family sure does have a lot of issues throughout it. While it can be hard to read between the lines at times, that’s why fans tune in. Yellowstone fans are all about what twists and turns might happen next. Season 5 is going to come soon,