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‘Yellowstone’: Will Season 4 Have Room for Romance?

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

The premiere of the fourth season of “Yellowstone” is just around the corner and fans are wondering if romance will be in the air.

Not unlike a kid waiting for Christmas to come, “Yellowstone” fans are counting the days their favorite show returns. There is a great deal of mystery surrounding the fourth and latest season as we’ve only been given small hints on possible storylines. One of the more overlooked parts of the show is the romance angle. No, “Yellowstone” won’t be confused for a romance novel anytime soon but is an important aspect of the show. There are numerous romantic pairings on “Yellowstone” at varying points in their relationship.

We have married couples like Kayce and Monica Dutton. We have soon-to-be-married couples like Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton. There are couples who are just starting out on their romantic journeys like Colby and Teeter. We even have a somewhat bizarre love triangle with Lloyd, Walker, and Laramie. It may or may not be a central theme to “Yellowstone,” depending on a watcher’s perspective, but relationships certainly play a role on the ranch. How much of an impact will romance have on season four? It’s a question that “Yellowstone” fans will pay special attention to.

Perhaps the most interesting romantic relationship on “Yellowstone” is that of Rip and Beth. The two have had on-again and off-again relationship for years, dating back to when they were kids. In season three, they take their relationship to the next level by becoming engaged. It is actually Beth who proposes to Rip after the latter fails to muster the courage to ask her father for her hand. This is such a Beth Dutton thing to do and a real heart-warming moment.

‘Yellowstone’ Romance Could Be on Hold to Begin New Season

As much as we want to see Beth and Rip have an authentic ranch-style wedding — we may have to wait a bit. Romantic relationships on “Yellowstone” Ranch are likely to be pushed aside — at least at the beginning.

Everything is secondary to finding out the status of the Dutton family and figuring out who is behind the attack. We don’t even know if Beth is dead or alive at this point. We are all rooting for Beth to survive and for her and Rip to live happily ever after. But, this is “Yellowstone” we are talking about here.

The same is true for the other “Yellowstone” romances. Kayce and Monica will be battling for their lives to begin season four. Colby and Teeter appear ready to take up arms and fight for the ranch. Everything takes a back seat to the impending war coming to the ranch.

Hopefully, once the dust settles, “Yellowstone” will circle back to its romantic angles and storylines. It is what we all would like to see.