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‘Yellowstone’ Wishes Luke Grimes Happy Birthday With Epic Kayce Vision Quest Photo

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Happy Birthday to “Yellowstone” actor and future country music star Luke Grimes who turns 38 years of age today (Friday).

On “Yellowstone,” Luke Grimes plays the prideful and well-meaning Kayce Dutton, the son of family patriarch John Dutton. Kayce is the wife of Monica Dutton and the father of youngster Tate Dutton, who is in his pre-teen years. Noble and loyal to his family, Kayce is a former Navy Seal who still deals with PTSD issues from time to time. Kayce rarely goes looking for trouble, but trouble often has a way of finding him. He has something similar to a sibling rivalry with Rip Wheeler, though the two aren’t related. He loves and cherishes his relationship with his adopted brother, Jamie Dutton, even if his family doesn’t feel the same. His closest relationship on the show is with his father, though the two don’t always see eye to eye.

Grimes is spectacular in the role of Kayce Dutton, giving his character plenty of depth and capability. The “Yellowstone” star has made a living out of playing these types of characters to near perfection. He is also known for his roles in “50 Shades of Gray” and “American Sniper,” among others. But Friday was a day of celebration for Grimes as he commemorates another trip around the sun. The “Yellowstone’ crew used their social media page to wish him a special day.

“Luke Grimes, it’s your turn: Happy Birthday!” the post proclaims next to a photo from season four.

In a testament to Grimes’s rising popularity, the Happy Birthday post took in around 50,000 “likes” in under four hours. Several “Yellowstone” fans also took the opportunity to wish the rising star a pleasant birthday.

‘Yellowstone’ Season Four Sends Kayce on a Vision Quest

Kayce’s fourth season storyline saw him evolve into a broader character trying to make sense of the world.

After an attack on “Yellowstone” traumatizes his wife and child, he makes the wise decision to move them to the reservation. There, they buy a new house and appear ready to spread their roots. Monica even surprises Kayce by telling him that she is pregnant with their second child.

All should be well for Kayce, but something still seems to be hindering him. He notices a wild wolf appearing quite often as if it is protecting him. He grows curious and reaches out to Thomas Rainwater and Mo, who inform him that the wolf is his spirit animal and send him on a vision quest.

Deprived of food and water, he becomes delirious and begins seeing visions. He sees his dead brother, Lee, who accuses Kayce of killing him. He sees former “Yellowstone” ranch hand Avery and physically engages with her. Finally, he flashes back to his time in the armed service and we see where his PTSD is coming from. An ambush kills most of his platoon and he can only watch as those around drop dead.

We hope to learn more about Kayce’s visions when “Yellowstone” returns for its fifth season.