‘Yellowstone’ Wishes Rainwater’s Right-Hand Man Actor Mo Brings Plenty ‘Special Birthday’ With Awesome Pic

by Chris Haney

On Saturday afternoon, Yellowstone‘s Instagram account wished their cast member Mo Brings Plenty a very happy birthday.

Today, on September 4th, Brings Plenty turned 52 years old as he rings in another birthday. The rancher turned actor is an integral part of the hit Paramount drama as Chief Rainwater’s right-hand man. Through the first three seasons we’ve seen the growth in Brings Plenty’s character. We expect more of the same as his role continues to evolve in Season 4.

“We’ve got another special birthday in the #YellowstoneTV family. Here’s to you, @mobringsplenty!” Yellowstone wrote wishing Brings Plenty a happy birthday.

Recently, the popular Kevin Costner-led show finally announced its Season 4 premier date. Yellowstone fans don’t have too much longer to wait now for its November 7 release.

The Native American actor helps bring an unmistakable authenticity to the show, which will be valued once again next season. Mo, as his character is simply known on Yellowstone, is Broken Rock Tribe leader Thomas Rainwater’s adviser, enforcer, and driver. He may prefer peaceful solutions, but when push comes to shove, Mo has shown his capabilities as a reliable enforcer on multiple occasions.

Yet Mo Brings Plenty means so much more to the core of the show. As a real-life cattle rancher, he loves horses and is steeped in cowboy culture. In fact, the showrunners and cast know well that Mo is much more than just Rainwater’s driver.

‘Yellowstone’ Character Is ‘More Than Just a Driver’

Mo Brings Plenty plays Chief Thomas Rainwater’s (Gil Birmingham) driver and right-hand man in Yellowstone. But his background and heritage make him the perfect man to balance out Birmingham’s character.

Mo hails from the Lakota Nation and was raised on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Additionally, he is a direct descendent of Oglala Lakota warrior Brings Plenty who fought in the Battle of Little Big Horn – famously known as Custer’s Last Stand.

For Yellowstone‘s first three seasons, series creator Taylor Sheridan has made it a point to dig deeper into Mo’s character as time goes on. Brings Plenty himself knows he’s much more than a glorified driver.

“He’s more than just a driver,” the actor said of his character. “And more than just a bodyguard.”

Birmingham shared similar thoughts to Brings Plenty’s, but explained his importance in further detail. Chief Rainwater‘s background is very different than Mo’s. He didn’t grow up on a reservation and didn’t even know he was Native American until after grade school. According to Birmingham, Brings Plenty’s role is the Native American “cultural foundation” in the series, not Chief Rainwater.

“Mo is really kind of the cultural foundation or center,” Birmingham said. “Because Rainwater wasn’t raised on a [reservation]. Mo was. So he carries the values of the culture more immediately in his upbringing. And he helps keep Rainwater grounded that way.”

Brings Plenty is glad to see Mo’s growth as the seasons progress. The actor says it’s vital for Native people to be viewed in the present and not only the past.

“Normally when people think about us as Native people, they think of us as the past,” Brings Plenty explained. “So it’s good to see that character grow, you know, in that way – as a reminder that we as Native people still exist.”