‘Yellowstone’ Wonders Who Will Be the ‘Winners and Losers’ of Season 4 with Ominous Clip

by Jon D. B.
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Yellowstone is feeling ominous today by way of Angela Blue Thunder as they drop this fantastic, foreboding Season 3 quote & clip.

“Winners are never judged by how. They save that for the losers.” Such are the words of Angela Blue Thunder as played by the stellar Q’orianka Kilcher. The quote, which her character says to Gil Birmingham’s Thomas Rainwater, is Yellowstone’s latest attempt to serve up their “Revenge is worth the wait” byline for Season 4. Is it working? Outsider is certainly feeling the hype for the show’s return!

“Who will be the winners and losers of season 4?” Yellowstone captions the clip via their official Instagram Monday. It may be an old Season 3 clip, but it certainly sets a tone, doesn’t it?

As such, Instagram followers of the show are jumping in to fill in the blanks. Just who will be the winners come Season 4? Would Yellowstone have Blue Thunder and Rainwater come out on top? Or will the Dutton family tighten their grip on their lands?

Yellowstone fan Rose comments confidently in favor of everyone’s favorite Dutton (fight me) with: “No doubt, winner: Beth Dutton it’s her name.”

Fellow fan Martinia is “Waiting for November 7th!” to find out. While Instagram user sixstringbender echoes Rose by saying “Don’t EVER mess with a Dutton and their caretaker, RIP!”

Follower Leo says “Beth, Kayce, and John survive…” He goes even further, saying “It wasn’t Thomas Rainwater nor it wasn’t Jamie” that put the hits out on the Duttons at the end of Season 3.

‘Yellowstone’s Latest Clip Raises ‘The Big Question’

Fan excitement aside, Yellowstone is pushing hard to rev up expectations of some serious showdowns come Season 4. Does this latest throwback clip point to Thomas Rainwater and Angela Blue Thunder going as far as they’ve suggested – and wiping out the Duttons once and for all?

In Season 3, we met the secret weapon of the Broken Rock Reservation: Angela Blue Thunder. Q’orianka Kilcher’s character is notoriously secretive, but finally revealed her true feelings in regards to both her ancestors and the Duttons by the time that raucous S3 finale exploded. As such, she’s poised to be a powerful ally to some – and deadly enemy to others come Season 4.

Looking further into the show’s future, however, could reveal a common cause for the Duttons and the Broken Rock peoples. If the indigenous population supports the Dutton settlers’ mission to protect their ranch from development, then Broken Rock itself can keep the land that was once theirs clear of development from Market Equities and the like. Then someday, maybe – just maybe –Tate Dutton, who shares ancestry from both sides, can deliver the land to a place of peace for both his families.

There are, of course, roadblocks to this. Kayce would not let the ranch fall from his father’s control. Not while he’s alive, anyway.

Either way, it’s all up in the air until Yellowstone returns for Season 4 come November 7, 2021. And we can’t wait.