‘Yellowstone’: Young John Dutton Actor Josh Lucas Hones Cowboy Skills With Cole Hauser, Jen Landon in New Pics

by Jonathan Howard

One of the most interesting aspects of Yellowstone is any time the show goes to young John Dutton AKA Josh Lucas. The actor brings a different look at Dutton and his story. Maybe one day we’ll get an entire series, or at least a season, of young John. That would make a sizeable segment of the fanbase very happy.

While he isn’t always on the show, it appears that Lucas is going to have to get his cowboy skills ready for the upcoming season. Season 5 might feature him more often. Or, he just likes wearing cowboy boots and wrangling cattle. Honestly, why not both?

Young John Dutton was out the other day in the pens with cattle and horses. and a pair of damn good-looking boots to go with it all. So, check out Yellowstone star Josh Lucas out on the ranch.

If you’re going to work on Yellowstone or an adjacent show like 1883, then you have to get some cowboy experience. Hands-on. Taylor Sheridan is all about it. He made sure that he go the casts of both shows ready for all the work that they would have to do. There is no faking these aspects of the show. Riding on horseback, wrangling cows, and more. All while they wear cowboy boots and denim.

So, Outsiders, are you young John fans? Josh Lucas has been a welcome addition to Yellowstone. Any time the show has to flashback to the 1990s, you can expect to see Lucas there. The flashbacks have been great for developing the character and story of the patriarch.

Yellowstone‘s Josh Lucas has some other cool roles that are coming up that are sure to excite Outsiders.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Josh Lucas Starring in New Thriller

Josh Lucas from Yellowstone and Kit Harington from Game of Thrones is going to be teaming up in a new series. The film is set to also include Scoot McNairy and will be under the direction of Rod Blackhurst. The story revolves around drugs, death, and looking for revenge.

The synopsis is very interesting.

“Former friends Cliff (McNairy), a traveling salesman struggling to make a living, and Ricky (Harington), an illegal-weapons dealer making serious money, reconnect one fateful day. Hoping to make some quick cash, Cliff agrees to partner with the violent Ricky, who is expanding his business to include cross-state drug and gun deliveries for John, a mid-level American cartel boss (Lucas). Reluctantly he agrees to retrofit his beat-up station wagon to carry dozens of kilos of drugs.”

So, Lucas is set to star as the American cartel boss. That sounds like a great role for the actor and is something that I can’t wait to see on the big screen. Yellowstone has so many great stars.