‘Yellowstone’: Young John Dutton Actor Josh Lucas Opens Up About Son’s Shared Love of Sports

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by LISA O'CONNOR / AFP) (Photo credit should read LISA O'CONNOR/AFP via Getty Images)

The latest Josh Lucas project about a college basketball team has his son particularly excited. The Yellowstone actor is playing a university athletic director in Long, Slow, Exhale, which debuted this week. And nine-year-old Noah Rev Maurer is thrilled that his dad gets to act in the world of sports.

“My little boy…he’s so crazy in love with sports,” Lucas told People. “Literally, the kid wakes up in the morning and talks to me about, you know, he called me. And he was almost bouncing out of his mind that Tom Brady is coming out of retirement. He’ll wake up in the morning and tell me about what the GM for the Seattle Seahawks is doing about free agency for a number of players.”

Josh Lucas Plays a Man Brought Down by Scandal in ‘Long, Slow, Exhale’

Unfortunately for the little aficionado, Long, Slow, Exhale isn’t going to be an age-appropriate series though. While it does center around college sports, it’s not exactly a feel-good story. Instead, it’s an intense drama that follows a girls’ basketball team embroiled in a sexual abuse scandal. And the head coach, J.C. Abernathy, has to work to help the victim while putting her career, family, and team members at risk.

In the interview, Lucas explained that his character is unwittingly brought into the drama and is subsequently “destroyed” by it.

“Scandals take a lot of people’s lives down,” he said. “And sometimes, people’s lives are destroyed who had nothing to do with it, right? And that’s the case with Hillman Ford, the character I play.”

The 12-part Spectrum Original dropped on April 4th. And it will stay with the platform exclusively for nine months. From there, it will head to BET for a second exclusive run.

Aside from Lucas, the series also stars The L Word’s Rose Rollins as Coach Abernathy. And the story came from L.A. Finest‘s Pam Veasey.

In the interview, Josh Lucas shared that the plot was born from a fear that Veasey had about her own sons. “[Her] children in real life, two boys, were trying to become professional NFL players,” Lucas continued. “And she said, “what would happen if my boys came home, and a similar case in the Duke across scandal, and said, ‘mom, we didn’t do this.’? Like literally looked her in the eye. And she said, ‘as a mother, what would I do?”

Spectrum will air three episodes of Long, Slow, Exhale each week until its finale on Monday, April 25th. The first episodes will also be available on-demand on April 14th.