‘Yellowstone’: Young John Dutton Actor Josh Lucas Shows Off Uncanny Resemblance to Paul Newman With Side-by-Side Pic

by Leanne Stahulak

“Yellowstone” star Josh Lucas has plenty of practice playing younger versions of famous actors in flashback sequences. In the Paramount Network Western, he plays a young version of John Dutton (Kevin Costner) for several episodes.

But before “Yellowstone,” Josh Lucas starred in a flashback as another Hollywood star: Paul Newman. The A-list actor starred in several classics and hits over the years, right up until his death in 2008. A few years before that, in 2005, Newman starred in a project called “Empire Falls” on HBO. The two-episode miniseries featured Newman as Max Roby, a washed-out dad who butted heads with the show’s main character, Miles Roby.

This would be Paul Newman’s last on-screen role, though few knew it at the time. Lucas just felt honored to be called up to play a younger version of Max Roby in flashback sequences on “Empire Falls.”

“Yellowstone” star Josh Lucas posted a throwback photo on Instagram earlier today to remember the late Newman. In the photo on the left, we see Lucas portraying Newman’s character in the show. And on the right, we see a slightly blurry but younger Newman. The two look nearly identical, their resemblance absolutely uncanny. See for yourself below.

“Someone sent me this,” the “Yellowstone” star captioned the post. “Many years ago I got an amazing call from [Paul Newman] asking me to play him in flashbacks in what turned out to be his last film… he is pure inspiration to me … besides the extraordinary actor he was, besides the mind-blowing charity work he did… the love he devoted to his wife and family is what really is the goal…”

“Yellowstone” star Josh Lucas’s dedication to Newman is sweet on a professional and personal level. Hopefully, he looks to follow Newman’s example.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Josh Lucas Resembles Several Celebrities

So, we’ve established that “Yellowstone” star Josh Lucas resembles Paul Newman pretty well. And, of course, he holds up well as a young version of Kevin Costner, as shown by his work on the Western. But recently, Lucas also posted a photo showing him as Abraham Lincoln.

Lucas happens to be close with filmmaker Ken Burns, who recently released a documentary focused on Benjamin Franklin. The series, called “Benjamin Franklin: A Ken Burns Film,” aired on PBS earlier this month. Lucas screen-tested to play Abraham Lincoln, and the resemblance between the two was absolutely remarkable.

Unfortunately, Lucas has since taken down the post. But you can read his caption below and catch him in the documentary on PBS.

“In honor of my friends/the great Ken Burns’s new Documentary about Ben Franklin here are a few photos of when I screen-tested to play Abraham Lincoln,” Lucas captioned the post. “Burns’s doc is profound and so worth watching now more than ever! @kenburnspbs @pbs #benfranklin #kenburns.”