‘Yellowstone’: Young John Dutton Actor Josh Lucas Sports a Busted Nose in Post Honoring Ukraine

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images)

In an odd pairing, “Yellowstone” actor Josh Lucas, who portrays a young John Dutton, showed off a busted nose in a post honoring Ukraine recently. He didn’t give a reason for the hurt look.

Maybe it was meant to symbolize the invaded country’s fight against Russia. Actors and artists do things like that all the time. See The Weeknd, the 2021 Super Bowl halftime show performer.

“Wish I could say I got my nose busted in honor of the great Ukrainian people! I definitely am praying for peace & sending constant good thoughts to those suffering.”

Lucas didn’t elaborate too much on the photos. He could’ve gotten into a fight or gone under the knife for a nose job, for all we know.

Lucas went on Instagram and showed off two selfies with his banded schnoz. The final picture showed a sandbagged statue in Odessa, Ukraine.

‘Yellowstone’ Actor In Shark-Fighting Movie Set for 2023

Give Josh Lucas some credit. The actor seems to be everywhere these days. The 50-year-old Arkansas native in a bunch of commercials with his recognizable voice.

“Yellowstone” fans know Lucas as the actor who plays the younger John Dutton in flashback sequences.

Soon, he’ll star as a shark-fighting oilman move called “The Black Demon.”

Variety announced the science fiction ocean thriller with the actor in October.

The film follows Paul Sturges (Lucas) and his family on a vacation to Bahia Azul. The film’s producers elaborate on the oilman as he inspects an oil rig. Somehow, the man’s family joins him before a “massive megalodon known only by its name: the Black Demon” rises in front of their eyes. Sturges must find a way to save the family and get them to land.

The entertainment news website said Lucas and crew started filming in December. 

Lucas is also working on another film titled “Lily.”

The movie tackles the life of Fair Pay activist Lilly Ledbetter in a suspenseful drama. Ledbetter fought Goodyear, winning a decision that said she got paid less than her male co-workers at an Alabama plant. The law went into effect in 2009. Lucas joins Patricia Clarkson and Thomas Sadowski for “Lily.”

Lucas Once Paid Tribute to Late Rolling Stone Drummer Watts

After hearing that Charlie Watts died in August, Lucas took to social media to honor the man.

He called the Rolling Stones “the greatest band of all time.” Lucas joined the masses who shared their grief while giving the late Watts his due.

Watts died at age 80. He had suffered from an undisclosed illness and opted not to perform on their fall “No Filter” tour in the United States. 

Lucas was filming “Yellowstone” when he took a moment to memorialize Watts on Instagram.