‘Yellowstone’s Brecken Merrill Posts ‘Leaked BTS Footage’ From Season 5 Set

by Lauren Boisvert

It seems like “Yellowstone” star Brecken Merrill has some jokes. The Tate Dutton actor recently shared some “leaked” behind-the-scenes footage from season 5 on Instagram. While we were all geared up for some actual spoilers–which we know the cast and creators would never actually let happen, but still–the result is actually much more fun.

Merrill posted a video with the caption, “Leaked BTS footage from Yellowstone season 5!! Cast member caught vandalizing set.” That’s sure to get you’re attention, right? The video, though, just lands the joke: it’s a horse chewing on a fence.

It looks like this horse has been at it a while too: there’s a whole row of chew marks on the wooden fence. Looks like this horse either wants to get out really bad, is hungry, or is just straight-up bored. There were a few comments that pointed out that possibly the horse could have a vitamin deficiency. True, some horses chew on their stalls or paddocks because they’re lacking nutrients. But, most often, they do it because they’re bored. Sometimes, they learned it young and do it out of habit as well.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Shares Video of Horse Chewing On a Fence: What Are the Reasons for This Destruction?

There’s also an issue called cribbing that domesticated horses sometimes do. According to The Spruce Pets, the horse will sink its teeth into the fence, arch its neck, pull back on the fence, and inhale. It’s not necessarily eating the wood, but the horse is actually leaning against a solid surface in order to breathe heavily. It’s a compulsive act and there’s not a lot of information on why the animals do this.

It doesn’t look like this horse is doing that, despite someone in the comments claiming they are. It honestly just looks bored. Horses have a lot of energy, and if they don’t get all their energy out they get bored, which can lead to destructive behaviors. All in all, “Yellowstone” and Taylor Sheridan make it a point of treating the horses well, so I’m not going to assume something is seriously wrong with it. Horse experts, weigh in, though.

Brecken Merrill Praises Crew on Social Media

In a post from late July, Brecken Merrill shared some love for the “Yellowstone” crew on Instagram. He shared a photo from the season 5 set, which included the crew setting up a shot on a beautiful hill in Montana. “You’ll never meet harder workers than the [Yellowstone Season 5] crew,” Merrill wrote in the caption. “They do everything a regular crew does, but they do it in the woods, day and night and with both wild and domestic animals.”

It’s nice to see a young actor celebrating the people behind the show. The actors are crucial, of course, but the crew is just as important to making “Yellowstone.” Without the extensive crew, there wouldn’t be the incredible sets, locations, shots, and everything else that goes into making a shoe like “Yellowstone.” Props to the crew, keep doing what you’re doing.