‘Yellowstone’s Bunkhouse Boys Break Down Jimmy’s Inability to Send Letters via ‘Snail Mail’

by Jon D. B.

C’mon, Jimmy! The man can’t even send a letter. Yellowstone‘s own Bunkhouse Boys break down his inability to do so in their latest hilarious feature.

“Obviously the #BunkhouseBoys use snail mail,” quotes Yellowstone Wednesday. The show is, of course, referencing Jimmy’s ill-fated letter to Mia in Season 4, Episode 4.

The behind-the-scenes look starts off with Jefferson White’s Jimmy giving up on sending a letter to his lost lover. It’s a tough thing to do, sure. It’s even tougher to do under pressure. But if Jimmy should’ve learned anything by now, it’s to stop giving into his urge to follow the “easy road.”

“No letter, just mail the checks,” Jimmy huffs as we watch him give up. Again. This is said with love, too, as Yellowstone fans really want the criminal-turned cowboy to succeed for once. But as he proves time and time again, Jimmy Hurdstrom is his own worst enemy.

If anyone’s not giving up on him, however, it’s his fellow Bunkhouse Boys. “Colby and Ryan were checking for a letter from our buddy,” reveals Ryan’s Ian Bohen.

“Did you guys not get the letters!?” Jefferson White guffaws.

“Huh…” Bohen sighs. “Did you do it right? Did you put the plus four in the zip code? Because sometimes, if you don’t put the plus four in the zip code it could end up… It could go to, like, Livingston…”

“Oh I did, I did send a bunch of letters… But I didn’t put the plus four!” White retorts.

“That’s what we were thinking,” Colby’s Denim Richards adds in his typical laid-back fashion.

And just like Jimmy, Jefferson White puts his heads in his hands. Defeated.

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Despite his character’s struggles, however, White isn’t giving up on Jimmy, either.

“Jimmy’s out on the road, and he has this opportunity to communicate with Mia,” White begins of Season 4, Episode 4, “Winning or Learning.”

“He can reach back out after her ultimatum. ‘Cause she effectively said, ‘If you leave, we’re done.'”

So what does Jimmy do? “He sits down to write it… And draws a blank, basically,” White shrugs. “Reaching out is almost like inviting a response,” he says.

“And it’s selfish,” Yellowstone‘s Bohen adds. “You’re doing it for yourself if you do it.”

“Interesting!” Richards smiles.

“She made her wishes clear,” White believes of Mia. “So for Jimmy to kind of keep that can of worms open would be a disservice to her, but also a disservice to him. Because when you send that letter, you’re waiting for the response! Every day you’re checking the mailbox,” he laughs.

On second thought, that does sound miserable. For once, then, the Yellowstone rapscallion may have made the right choice.

Denim Richards takes us to school with a lesson in “Bethonomics 101.” Yellowstone airs Sundays at 8/7c on Paramount Network, in partnership with Ram Trucks.

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