‘Yellowstone’s Cole Hauser Explains Why Show’s Success Is Still ‘Overwhelming’

by Samantha Whidden
Flashbacks tell the story of the bond/relationship between of Rip (Cole Hauser) and Beth, in Yellowstone episode "Touching Your Enemy" that airs on Paramount Network on Wednesday, July 24 at 10 pm, ET/PT.

As he continues to promote the upcoming fifth season of Yellowstone, Cole Hauser reveals why the show’s success is still overwhelming for him.

During his interview on Today, Cole Hauser stated that Yellowstone’s popularity continues to be somewhat nerve-wracking. “I am stuck in Montana for six months and then they let me out of the cage and come to New York,” he stated. “And it’s wild.” 

Hauser then said that Yellowstone started grassroots. “The first two seasons, and slowly it built out to the edges of the country,” he explained. He also shared that the overnight success of the show helped boost his acting career. Which is 30 years into the making.

When asked what drew him to the Yellowstone role, Hauser said, “I mean, I just knew with [creator] Taylor Sheridan’s writing and my style of acting and the premise of the show and the cast around me that there was a chance that Rip would be, you know, a special character with a ton of different colors. He has become that.”

Hauser further spoke about what he saw in Rip Wheeler and why he needed to be the Yellowstone character. “There is a darkness to him that I love,” he explained. “But also this kind of passion and love that he has for Beth. I thought that was really a good adjust position as an actor to be able to play that.” 

Cole Hauser Says He Initially Thought He was Going to Play a Dutton on ‘Yellowstone’ 

Earlier this summer, Cole Hauser opened up about his role on Yellowstone and what he originally thought the role was going to be. 

“I think, initially, the idea was to maybe play one of Kevin’s sons,” the Yellowstone star told The Playlist. “As I was reading the script, this character of Rip kept popping up. And I’m thinking, ‘No. This is the guy.’ There’s something really loyal and beautiful about him. He’s a throwback character, which I don’t think we’ve seen in a very long time. He’s got obviously a pretty insane intensity to him and, you know, the things he does.”

Hauser then said that Yellowstone initially had more of a grassroots kind of feel. “Which I kind of think that’s why the show has had the success it’s had is that it’s really built like a core family. It started in the middle of the country and built its way, finally, to the edges, in Los Angeles and New York. Like, those people are actually watching it.

The Yellowstone star then said that the show’s popularity gradually increased over time. “Well, for many years it wasn’t that way, but I think, you know, after year one. The premiere of the show — we were in Montana and Utah and Texas. I mean, these are places where people love this kind of stuff, so I always felt like it was doing really well. It’s getting more attention now, that’s all.”