‘Yellowstone’s Cole Hauser Gives Perfect Answer to Who Rip Wheeler is Taking to the Train Station in Season 5 (Outsider Exclusive)

by Jon D. B.
Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler, Ethan Lee as Ethan in Yellowstone Season 5. (Photo credit: Paramount Network/MTV press)

We’re two episodes into Yellowstone Season 5 and Rip Wheeler has, so far, played it cool. But that’s sure to change, and soon.

How do we know? We don’t for sure. But we have this mischievous grin – and perfect answer – from Cole Hauser egging us on. When speaking to the fan-favorite Yellowstone actor before Season 5’s two-episode premiere, Hauser gave the most Rip Wheeler answer possible to a simple question: “If Rip could take anybody to the train station this season, who would it be?”

“Whoever wants to f*cking go.”

Classic. “Maybe Jamie wants to go? Maybe he doesn’t this season?” I followed up.

“Not Jamie, no,” Hauser replied with that same grin. Like Rip, Cole is a man of few words, but those words always hit where it counts.

Outsider sat down with Cole Hauser, actor of Rip Wheeler, to talk all things Yellowstone Season 5.


We may have had only a few minutes with the icon during his busy Yellowstone press tour, but Cole Hauser offered plenty to get fans excited heading into Season 5. Cole’s really looking forward to a “father-son relationship” with orphan ranch hand Carter (Finn Little) blossoming in the episodes to come, for example.

When asked how he’d like to see Rip evolve in Yellowstone, Hauser revealed that he’s a staunch fan of the “layers” series mastermind Taylor Sheridan has given his character.

“I would say probably with Carter,” Hauser replied. “Being a little bit more of a father figure, and somebody for him to look up to” is where he wants Rip heading next. Which is exactly where Yellowstone Season 5 is heading.

“I think Taylor did a great job this year of kind of slowly walking-the-dog when it comes to that relationship. So I’m excited for the audience to see that,” Hauser adds.

Audiences who watched the premiere may be questioning this, however. In the first two episodes of Season 5, Rip isn’t exactly embracing Carter as a “son.”

‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Premiere Has Rip Wheeler as Hard on Carter as Ever

No interaction between the two came in Episode 1. Instead, it was Episode 2, “The Sting of Wisdom,” that saw Rip and Carter’s relationship evolving. Or lack thereof, rather. As Carter is getting John Dutton’s horse ready to ride, Rip is as hard on the orphan as ever. It’s Lloyd (Forrie J. Smith) who helps Carter saddle the horse as best he can; proving much more a gentle father figure throughout the episode.

Finn Little as Carter in Yellowstone Season 5, Episode 2. (Photo credit: Paramount Network Press)

But before long, Carter makes a horrible mistake. As he rides John’s personal horse, Carter finds a hole while astride, and the horse hits it hard.

It’s painful to watch, as any equestrian knows exactly how this ends for most horses. Carter is heartbroken, injured, and terrified, too, making it even harder to watch. But it’s far worse for John’s horse, who has shattered a leg. It’s an injury horses are rarely (if ever) able to recover from.

Carter heartily apologizes to Rip, and it’s in this moment we see Rip’s kindness finally come through. He knows the boy never would’ve done such a thing on purpose, but this is going to be a hard lesson-learned regardless as Rip has to put the horse out of its misery with his rifle.

We’ll find out how much of this kindness carries on Sunday, Nov. 20 at 8 PM ET as Yellowstone‘s Season 5, Episode 3 hits exclusively on Paramount Network.