‘Yellowstone’s Cole Hauser Honors New York City Firefighters: Photos

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Roy Rochlin/WireImage)

Honoring those he admires, Yellowstone star Cole Hauser took to Instagram to share his support for New York City firefighters. 

“Thanks to Frank Siller and Tunnel 2 Towers for a history lesson with my family in NY,” Cole Hauser said. The Yellowstone actor further said of his experience, “Great meeting all the gentleman of Engine Co. 10 Ladder Co. 10 dinner on me next time I’m in the city. God bless!”

Cole Hauser’s fans took to the social media platform to share their excitement for the Yellowstone star’s presence in the city as well as his admiration for the firefighters. “So happy you got to link up with the man Frank Siller!!!” One fan shared. “I told you in Sun Valley his energy is insane. Welcome to the Stephen Siller family and from my community to you thank you again for your support for our warriors!”

Another fan added, “How nice of you to acknowledge these wonderful people! I’m sure they enjoyed meeting you! As for Frank Siller- what an incredible guy who in my opinion runs one of the most meaningful and best charities in the country. What a hero!”

Cole Hauser previously honored the NY firefighters in 2021 in a September 11th tribute. “I would like to honor today all the first responders who helped save lives and give [their] life on 9/11,” the Yellowstone star shared. “To families of the innocent people who passed in away in the Twin Towers, flight 93, and the Pentagon. I am thinking of you today.” 

Cole Hauser Recently Revealed If He Would Star in a ‘Yellowstone’ Movie 

As previously reported, Outsider spoke to Cole Hauser about the possibility of him starring in a Yellowstone film. When asked about a potential film as part of the western franchise, Hauser smiled and declared, “Hell yeah. Absolutely. Bring it.” 

Meanwhile, Cole Hauser shared his thoughts about which direction he’d like to see his Yellowstone character, Rip, head. “I would say probably with Carter,” Hauser shared. “Being a little bit more of a father figure, and somebody for him to look up to.”