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‘Yellowstone’s Cole Hauser Speaks Out About PBR Collaboration: ‘Let’s Spread the Good Word’

by Taylor Cunningham
Cole Hauser
(Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)

Yellowstone’s Cole Hauser is now the official face of the PBR, and he can’t wait to start sharing his deep respect for “extraordinary bull-riding cowboys.”

PBR (Professional Bull Riders) announced the collaboration on February 28th—while calling Hauser the ‘most famous cowboy’ Since John Wayne.

According to a statement, the Rip Wheeler actor will appear in campaigns on multiple platforms. He will star in television ads that will air on CBS Television Network, CBS Sports, and Pluto TV. And he will help with all of PBR’s social media accounts.

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PBR and Cole Hauser joined forces to promote their shared “beliefs of centuries-old values associated with ranchers, farmers, and cowboys.” And today, Hauser took a moment to elaborate on those beliefs in an Instagram post.

“I’m excited to partner up with the PBR to tell stories revealing the humanity of a group of extraordinary bull-riding cowboys,” he wrote. “Together, we will pull back the curtain in an uplifting way to celebrate family, loyalty, love, honor, determination, and friendship representing the best of Americana.”

“I thank @pbr for helping me bring more awareness to something very dear to my heart and many others @sofwarriorfnd. Let’s spread the good word,” Hauser added.

Cole Hauser and PBR will Create Programs That Support The Special Operations Warrior Foundation

In the original statement, PBR Commissioner Sean Gleason further elaborated that the partnership with reach further than the ring. Along with supporting the riders, Hauser will also help the organization give back to the men and women in the United States military, which is another cause close to Hauser’s heart.

Specifically, Hauser and PBR will create programs that support The Special Operations Warrior Foundation. The nonprofit helps children of fallen service members gain college degrees through scholarships and educational counseling programs.

“Special Operations Warrior Foundation aligns perfectly with cowboy values: honoring those who sacrificed by providing an opportunity to get an education or support that will provide a foundation and path through life,” Gleason shared.

Along with his Instagram post, Hauser included photos of bull riders and U.S. service members.

Hauser’s first PBR campaign will air during the PBR World Finals in Fort Worth, Texas, from May 12th through 21st.

“From the get-go, “Gleason added, “Cole has been all-in on joining our PBR family, sharing his vision for a sport he has grown to love, and inviting everyone into our world.”