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‘Yellowstone’s Finn Little Reflects on ‘Incredible Adventure’ Ahead of Season 4 Finale

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)

Of all the new characters joining “Yellowstone” for its fourth and latest season, perhaps Carter has made the biggest impact. Played by young actor Finn Little, Carter won over the hearts of “Yellowstone” fans from the get-go.

We first meet the recently orphaned Carter in an episode earlier this season. A chance encounter with Beth Dutton leads Carter to take up residence at the “Yellowstone” Ranch. He’s taken in by Beth and her fiancé, Rip Wheeler, and after a rough start, settles into his new home. He takes a job as the ranch’s horse stall cleaner while learning his way around the cattle ranching industry. We’ve seen quite an evolution of Finn Little’s character over the fourth season. He looks completely different now, leading some fans to ask if a different actor had taken over the role. Nope, that’s still Finn Little as Carter with nicer clothes and a new hairstyle.

In his most recent social media post, Little reflects on his first season at the “Yellowstone” Ranch. He has high praise for “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan and thanks him for the “Yellowstone” opportunity. It isn’t the first time Little and Sheridan have worked together. The Australian actor also starred in Sheridan’s most recent film, “Those Who Wish Me Dead,” earlier this year.

“Looking back on Yellowstone season four,” Little writes in the social media post. “What an incredible adventure that was! So grateful for Taylor Sheridan – who believed in a kid from the other side of the world and gave me an opportunity to work with one of America’s most loved actors. Still pinching myself!”

‘Yellowstone’ Season Four Finale Is Just Days Away

While “Yellowstone” fans are sad that season four is almost over, we are also excited to see what happens. A few of the show’s cast members have tased another thrilling finale, but it will be tough to top the third season cliffhanger.

Where do Finn Little and Carter figure into the “Yellowstone” future? Carter has won over the show’s massive fan base in a short amount of time and looks to be a keeper. It is very possible he becomes a more prominent character as “Yellowstone” moves forward. The last episode shows how well he’s bonded with the ranch’s team of cowboys. He’s even won over Rip Wheeler in a surprising turn of events. We also learn that Carter is a card shark much to the dismay of the bunkhouse crew. Could Carter move into the bunkhouse next season? It certainly would not be a surprise to anyone.

The finale is closing in on us so enjoy the last bit of season four we have left.