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‘Yellowstone’s Forrie J. Smith Cancels TV Event Over ‘Contract Issues’

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo Credit: Paramount)

Bad news from Forrie J. Smith. The Yellowstone star took to his Instagram account on Friday (December 9th) to announce that he has to cancel a TV event over contract issues.

In his latest social media post, the Yellowstone actor shared the bad news. “CANCEL ALERT!! Because of contract issues, I will not be part of Wild Rides TV…” he wrote. “Too bad. I had some great stuff! Apologies Morals over $$.” 

The news of Smith not making the TV appearance came days after the Yellowstone star reportedly donated $40,000 to Shriners Hospitals while taking part in a whiskey-related event in Bridgeport, Texas. Smith donates $5 from each bottle of his whiskey sold to Shriners Hospital. In 2021, a donation of $20,000 was made and for 2022, Smith and Oak & Eden teamed up to give the organization $40,000.

Forrie J. Smith Says He Respects & Appreciates Kevin Costner’s Work More After Starring With Him on ‘Yellowstone’ 

While speaking to MTN Sports this past summer, Forrie J. Smith spoke about working with Kevin Costner on Yellowstone. 

“I respect and appreciate his work more now, after Yellowstone, than I ever did before,” Smith stated. “There was a scene one day in the second season when [Dutton] has an appendix attack. I’m the first one to get to him and I pick his head up. Well, they’ve got the camera up above him and, in the rehearsal, I run and kind of got over him like this. And I realize, oh, heck, I’ve got to back up.”

Smith then said that the director of the Yellowstone episode gave Costner some helpful tips. “And the director goes, ‘Hey, Kevin, if that cowboy gets in your shot again, just slap him.’ Kevin goes, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait Ed. I’m not slapping Forrie, I’m not slapping Lloyd, I’m not slapping anybody in that body.’”

Smith then said that he and his Yellowstone co-star now joke around with each other. “I tease him about his golf game, he teases me about my red tennis shoes.” 

Following his discussion about Kevin Costner, the Yellowstone actor spoke about his life growing up. “My granddad rodeoed when they rode horses to the rodeos. My stepdad died when I was seven years old. I can remember riding my little Shetland pony Bad Billy down there and fell off right in front of him and mom. They’re like, what the heck are you doing? I said, I’m going to be a stuntman someday.”

Smith went on share the kind of trouble he and his childhood friend, Steve Blixt, got into. “It’s funny you asked the question the way you did because me and Stevie did a lot of stunts that ain’t on TV and we didn’t get paid for. People always ask when I started acting and I said well, I’ve been acting myself in and out of bad situations all my life.”