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‘Yellowstone’s Forrie J. Smith Posts Epic Throwback Pic From His Scene In ‘Tombstone’

by Joe Rutland
forrie j smith photo
(Photo Courtesy Paramount Press Center)

Yellowstone star Forrie J. Smith is looking back on a role in a classic movie, Tombstone, that he appeared in years ago. Smith, who plays Lloyd Pierce on the Paramount Network show, played Pony Deal in the 1993 movie. Let’s take a look and see what Smith is sharing with his fans and followers on a Saturday.

Smith’s fans from Yellowstone were responding after seeing a picture of him looking clean-shaven in Tombstone. One fan wrote, “My man was in Tombstone and I didn’t even know it”. Another fan said, “I did not recognize you clean shaven”. This fan has a request of Smith in his comment. “Tombstone?! You legend. Post the scenes you were in.” And this fan offered up a cogent thought about the movie itself. “Literally my favorite movie” was this fan’s reply to Smith’s post. Tombstone starred Val Kilmer, Kurt Russell, Sam Elliott, Bill Paxton, Dana Delany, and Michael Biehn.

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‘Yellowstone’ Star Forrie J. Smith Gets Ready To Appear In New Movie ‘Ride’

Besides his work on Yellowstone, Smith is still picking up roles in other movies and projects. One of those new projects is titled Ride. Reportedly, the movie is a rodeo crime picture. According to IMDb, the film follows former bull rider John Hawkins, who is portrayed by C. Thomas Howell. His daughter is diagnosed with cancer. Smith portrays Al, who is the eldest bull rider in the family.

Meanwhile, Smith looks to provide a helping hand to his friends when he can do so. In this case, it’s for a family named the Wolvertons. Their house burned down and the family lost a lot of treasured mementos in it. Smith headed out to the world of sicla media and asked people to help the family out. Smith wrote in an Instagram post, “These are the folks who helped me after I got into the movie business, and treated me like one of their own. Please consider helping them to rebuild the Wolvertons.” According to a GoFundMe description, “This morning, January 11, Red and Margery woke up to a nightmare when they had to evacuate and watch as their entire house burned to the ground.”

Smith Had Reason To Celebrate As New Year Rolled Around

Longtime fans of Yellowstone and Smith know that he’s a real-life cowboy. It was important to remember as Smith had a reason to celebrate 2023 rolling around. On his ranch, a new calf was born. As he wrote in an Instagram post where he shared a picture of the new calf, “First calf of 2023…a little bull on my ranch! (Corriente Angus cross ).”