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‘Yellowstone’s Gil Birmingham Speaks on ‘Deep Respect’ He Has for Kevin Costner

by Shelby Scott
'Yellowstone' Star Gil Birmingham as Thomas Rainwater
Photo Courtesy Paramount Network

As we wait for the second half of Yellowstone season five to debut, some of our favorite stars are reflecting on their work with creator Taylor Sheridan and other colleagues. Recently, Rip Wheeler actor Cole Hauser positively spoke out about what it’s like to work with Sheridan. He specified what it feels like consistently being left in the dark. Even more recently, Gil Birmingham, who plays Yellowstone‘s tribal Chairman Thomas Rainwater, spoke out about his “deep respect” for Hollywood icon and series costar Kevin Costner.

Birmingham’s Thomas Rainwater and Kevin Costner’s John Dutton are frequently at odds within the world of Yellowstone. However, the series patriarch seemingly shows nothing but respect for his costars behind the scenes. While attending the Critics Choice Awards on Sunday, Birmingham said Costner makes for a good “leader.” The actor said Costner has also well earned the respect of both the series’ cast and crew.

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“Kevin is [an] extraordinary talent,” the Yellowstone star told reporters while attending the event. “He has been for his whole career and it’s not any different on our show. He’s a major leader, and we have such deep respect and appreciation for him.”

The Thomas Rainwater actor also commended Kevin Costner for his mentorship of Yellowstone‘s cast and crew. He continued, “I think he’s a mentor to everyone on our set. His vast experience and just his amazing presence, how he portrays John Dutton…We all learn something every day with him.”

‘1923’s Harrison Ford Shares His Admiration for ‘Yellowstone’ Patriarch Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner has earned massive praise from Yellowstone fans and critics alike since debuting as John Dutton. However, his performance has even attracted the attention of other major Hollywood stars. Recently, Harrison Ford, who headlines the Yellowstone prequel 1923, praised Kevin Costner as an actor and as a major contributor to Yellowstone. His praise comes at the same time as that of Thomas Rainwater actor Gil Birmingham.

Reflecting on his adaptation into the world of 1923, Harrison Ford shared, “I had seen some of Yellowstone,” before coming into his role as Jacob Dutton. He continued, “I admire what Kevin [Costner is] doing. I’ve always admired him as he’s a wonderful actor and he’s had a fantastic career.”

Needless to say, that’s high praise coming from one of the biggest names in Hollywood. That said, while Kevin Costner drew Harrison Ford to the world of Yellowstone, it was the Taylor Sheridan series’ first prequel, 1883, that the 80-year-old actor really depended upon for research.

“It was more important for me to spend what time I had watching 1883 rather than Yellowstone,” Ford admitted. I really wanted to be grounded in the experience of the history of a family up to the point.”