‘Yellowstone’s Ian Bohen Speaks Out About Distrust in US Government & Media

by Courtney Blackann

“Yellowstone’s” Ryan aka Ian Bohen is both an onscreen and offscreen leader to his fellow peers. Ryan is always down for a good time, but when it comes to getting the business done, he’s all in. As one of the main bunkhouse boys, it’s up to him to take a stand for the Dutton ranch. And offscreen, Bohen is doing something similar, though it’s not the Dutton ranch he’s standing up for. It’s the American people.

While the “Yellowstone” actor often shares some political views on social media, recently, Ian Bohen is making some statements that not everyone may agree with. However, the actor is using his popularity to pose some major questions about the United States and the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Sharing a post on Twitter, the actor had some things on his mind.

“I don’t know what to believe anymore I don’t trust the US Government I don’t trust the media I don’t trust foreign Governments either After 4B years, earths leaders are pushing for actions that could case a war that would destroy the entire planet Wake me up from this nightmare,” Bohen shared in the tweet.

The actor is seemingly frustrated by the United States’ reaction to the Russia invasion of the sovereign country of Ukraine. However, it’s unclear if there’s some other pressing issue that bring these feelings to the forefront.

“Yellowstone” Star Ian Bohen on Bunkhouse Boys

The “Yellowstone” actor has often expressed his thoughts about the political arena around him, never shying away from being completely direct and transparent about his stance.

It appears that Bohen dedicates his efforts in every facet of his life – whether it’s on set of Taylor Sheridan’s show or his scrutinization of politics and the world around him.

However, when Bohen isn’t questioning world leaders, he’s focused on his “Yellowstone” character and the arc that helps create Ryan.

Speaking about his time in the bunkhouse, Bohen says that he believes the characters relate so well because of their unspoken connection and friendship – something we don’t see initially develop. He discusses this

“So in the background of the piece and the show, these characters have a history we don’t know about. We don’t know how long they’ve known each other. We don’t know the depth of that, but it’s lengthy. And we don’t have that as people because we’ve just met each other so as we get to know each other more and more and more and spend more personal time and just get to know and love other people, it deepens. So of course that flavors everything you do. And things start to come out,” Bohen says.

He also adds:

“Just like they do inside jokes and nuances because you’ve spent time – that you can’t really fake. I mean maybe the best actors can fake that. I don’t know. But stuff that just is there, and you know it’s there, and people are like ‘wow what a wonderful moment’ and you’re just like…you know, we live, and we are together, just like those guys in that place. So I think and I hope and I think that it comes through that these men are bonded.”