‘Yellowstone’s Jen Landon Is in Full Teeter-Mode in New Season 5 Set Selfie

by Lauren Boisvert

Jen Landon is deep into filming “Yellowstone” season 5 if her recent Instagram posts are anything to go by. On Tuesday, she posted a selfie of herself taking some downtime with her horse. The horse is all set up with riding gear, including a lasso for roping. Maybe the ranch hands are out roping some cattle, and we’ll get to see the cast show off their cowboy camp skills in season 5.

Landon also showed appreciation for her animal costar, captioning her photo, “I love this horse.” She also tagged “Yellowstone” in the caption. Kelly Reilly commented a simple “I love u,” while the show’s official Instagram and Taylor Sheridan’s wife Nicole both commented with heart emojis.

Jen Landon recently shared another photo of her downtime with the horses when not filming season 5. She shared a look behind-the-scenes snapshot of herself carefully braiding a horse’s mane. She looks dedicated and focused on her task, and the end result is beautiful. “My favorite thing about my job is how we get to live during our downtime,” she wrote in the caption. I can imagine that filming on location is fun because when the cameras aren’t rolling, you’re still in this amazing place like Montana and free to spend time how you want. For Jen Landon, that seems to be spending a lot of time with horses.

Be Prepared to See A lot More Cowboy Beth Dutton in ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5

Speaking of tough, no-nonsense women on the ranch, Kelly Reilly‘s Beth Dutton is gearing up for a lot more cowboying in season 5. Beth notoriously spends the least amount of time on a horse out of every character on “Yellowstone.” In the very first episode, she even tells Kayce that she never goes near them. But, that’s all about to change in season 5. According to Kelly Reilly, she’s saddling up.

Speaking with Gold Derby last week, Reilly went in-depth on her character, talking about her hopes for Beth in the future and a little bit about what’s happening in the present. She shared that she loves the scripts and that they were currently filming episodes one and two at the time. “The scripts for Season 5 are some of my favorites,” she said. “I haven’t read them all yet, as we’re filming episodes one and two right now, so we have a long season ahead. But I’ve read up to five episodes. Six episodes, actually, and they are fabulous.”

Reilly then shared a juicy bit of news. “We might be getting to see Beth more on a horse this year,” she said with a big grin.  “Which I am personally really excited about. I really love all the stuff in the suits and the power [for Beth], But me, Kelly, I love being out in the wilds. And I don’t very often get a chance as Beth to do any of the cowboy stuff. But this year… This year she might.”