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‘Yellowstone’s Jen Landon Has Perfect Reaction to Costar Ian Bohen’s Post About Lainey Wilson

by Taylor Cunningham
Jen Landon Lainey Wilson
(Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

Jen Landon, Ian Bohen, and Lainey Wilson proved once again that the Yellowstone cast members are one big family.

Country-music-singer-turned-actress Wilson took the stage in Scottsdale, AZ on Thursday, Feb. 9, and her on-screen boyfriend, Ian Bohen was in the crowd cheering on her musical prowess as he often does.

Wilson didn’t miss the chance to have a reunion with Bohen, either. During her set, she called the Ryan actor to the stage and introduced him to her adoring fans.

Following the show, Bohen jumped on Instagram and shared a carousel of photos from the event. The pictures included several snapshots of the actor posing with a few of his friends and two of him standing on stage with Wilson.

“Hottest ticket in town and best singer songwriter and band in the business,” he captioned. “If you haven’t seen @laineywilsonmusic live you are truly missing out.”

Teeter actress Jen Landon was quick to notice Bohen’s post, and she gave him and Lainey Wilson a perfect comment of support.

“This is [fire],” she wrote.

Lainey Wilson starred in four episodes of the hit Paramount series as Abby last year. The character had a hot fling with Ryan, and the chemistry came easy for the actors. So Yellowstone fans, of course, relished in the pictures as well.

“Is she making you blush?” one person teased in the comments.

“Yeah I’m convinced that you guys are already dating lmao,” added a fan.

“When ya’ll getting married??” asked someone else.

Ian Bohen Attended A Different Lainey Wilson Concert Just Last Month

While there are absolutely no real rumors of a Yellowstone romance, the two seem to enjoy encouraging the gossip. Back in January, Ian Bohen attended another Lainey Wilson show in San Jose, California, and just as she did last week, she invited him on stage.

But that time, she took a minute to gush about his talents, and she included some flirty sentiments for the crowd.

“I got somebody here tonight who’s Abby’s true love. Y’all give it up for Ryan on Yellowstone,” she said during an introduction that was caught on video. “This dude right here has become one of my best friends. He is one of the most talented people I have ever met on the face of the earth. He has taught me so much just from being around him. Y’all give it up for Ian Bohen.”

“Y’all saw us make out in episodes 6 and 7,” Wilson added. “20 dollars is 20 dollars ain’t that right?”

Unfortunately, the crowd didn’t get a repeat of Abby and Ryan’s fling, though. After the makeout tease, Bohen stepped off the stage and Wilson got back to the music.