‘Yellowstone’s Jen Landon Says Her Team ‘Lied’ to Help Her Land Teeter Role

by Leanne Stahulak
Paramount Network.

On “Yellowstone,” Teeter has definitely proven herself as a capable ranch hand. But star Jen Landon didn’t quite have the same background.

Landon has played Teeter for two seasons now, bringing her rough and tumble personality to life while also showcasing Teeter’s skills as a wrangler. But in order to land the part of Teeter, Landon’s team had to fudge a bit of the actress’s resume, especially when it came to horseback riding experience.

The “Yellowstone” star opened up about her “previous” riding experience on the Johnny Dare Morning Show earlier this week.

“My team lied and said that I was like a professional rider,” Landon revealed on the show. “I had ridden horses when I was really young, a little bit. But they put you through training, and everybody’s very patient. And I’m addicted to it now.”

Apparently, a “little bit” of horseback riding as a child equates to professional riding now. But we can’t be too mad, given that Landon is clearly perfect for the role of Teeter. And she must be a fast learner, picking up enough skills in the “Yellowstone” Cowboy Camp that she makes Teeter appear to have years of experience.

But like Landon also said, now that she’s started riding for real, she couldn’t imagine quitting anytime soon.

“The sort of lifestyle that you see on the show, that I think so many people hook into, has sort of permeated my own life now and become a part of my life,” Landon shared.

Luckily, she’ll have a chance to keep riding when production for “Yellowstone” resumes this May.

‘Yellowstone’ Renewed for Season 5 Amid Big News for Jen Landon

Earlier this month, the Paramount Network officially renewed “Yellowstone” for Season 5. The showrunners revealed that production would kick off in May, which will hopefully lead to another fall premiere date.

Many of the same cast members would return for the show. But Jen Landon and Kathryn Kelly, who plays Emily the vet tech, also got special news. They’ve been promoted to series regulars, no longer just guest-starring on the show.

This is a major break for both stars, not to mention “Yellowstone” fans. With Landon on board for over half the episode of the season, maybe we’ll finally learn a bit more about Teeter’s backstory. We know she’s from the Texas-Arkansas region and that she can wrangle with the best of them. But what led her to come to Montana? And how did she become as tough and gristly as she has?

Kathryn Kelly, meanwhile, will likely explore her character’s romance with Jimmy Hurdstrom more. We know they’re engaged and heading back to Texas to live at the Four-Sixes together. But will they ever actually make it back? Or will the Yellowstone dig its claws into Jimmy once more? We’ll have to wait until Season 5 to know for sure.