‘Yellowstone’s Karen Pittman to Debut New Movie Tonight: How to Watch

by Suzanne Halliburton

Karen Pittman’s Willa Hayes no longer needs to deal with the Dutton family on Yellowstone. Willa’s market equity firm was coming for the pristine Montana land, but Beth Dutton ended all that.

But trust us, Pittman’s career has exploded since she left Yellowstone after season three. She joined the cast of The Morning Show and played a recurring character on And Just Like That, the HBO Max reboot of Sex and the City. And now, Pittman is the star of Hallmark’s rollout of its new Mahogany brand. It’s on tonight, so read on for details.

First, let’s drift back to 2020, when Pittman’s Willa used to cross paths with Beth on Yellowstone.

Pittman stars in Unthinkably Good Things, which premieres tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern, 8 p.m. Central. The movie will be simulcast on Hallmark’s main channel, along with Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and Hallmark Drama. Pittman shared on social media that she’ll be live tweeting throughout the movie.

And the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel’s social media shared a clip, telling fans “you won’t want to miss this powerful story of love and sisterhood set in Italy.”

Pittman was on location in Montana when she appeared in four of the 10 episodes of Yellowstone, season three. Her last appearance was in the season finale, “The World is Purple.” You remember that episode. A bomb went off in Beth’s office. And someone shot John Dutton.

For her new movie, Pittman shot on location in Tuscany. So that’s why the lush Italian countryside serves as the geographical co-star in Unthinkably Good Things. Here’s the plot tease for the movie: Allison (Pittman) at a crossroads in both her career and personal life. She needs the support of her two best friends. So they hop on a plane and head to Tuscany.

It sounds like a 180-degree flip from Yellowstone. Pittman is Allison, a divorced creative writing professor. She’s offered a full-time teaching gig in Italy. And she’s beginning a relationship with Nico, a local cheesemaker. So with these potential life changes, she calls her girlfriends for a visit.

Now, here’s why the movie is so important to Hallmark. The company launched Mahogany four decades ago. It’s a brand of greeting cards and gifts marketed towards the Black community. The cards and gifts feature uplifting messages of family, community and positivity. Earlier this year, Hallmark announced that the Mahogany would add movies to the brand.

Hallmark is known for its G-rated love stories and series that are often geared towards the holidays. In fact, the network begins its Christmas content around Halloween. It’s huge business. But critics do point out that the network’s lineups aren’t that diverse. So enter Mahogany.

After Yellowstone, Karen Pittman jumped to The Morning Show. (Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

Meanwhile, production has started on The Morning Show, the hit series on Apple TV. Pittman plays Mia Jordan, the producer of a morning show that looks a lot like real-life TODAY. Season two dealt with the coverage of the beginnings of the COVID pandemic. Season three is about the pandemic aftermath.

So yes, Pittman has stayed plenty busy since Beth Dutton made sure her character couldn’t return to Yellowstone.